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Scientifically known as: Morus alba

Part used: berries of the tree fruit with soft sweet taste of fresh flowers and fresh leaves.

Chemical constituents of the berries and leaves:

Contains fruit acids, Tamar (Fruit acids), the most important acid, malic and citric acid, and also contain sucrose and pectin and ascorbic acid and Flavo Neidat the most important compound routine, and contains the fruits of protein and fatty substances, calcium, iron, copper, cobalt, sulfur, potassium, phosphorus, manganese and chlorine, and vitamins A, C and acid Amber and materials Afsip. The paper contains a two-Flanonidat of the most important compounds routine, but at a higher rate than in the fruit.
What are the chemical contents of the berries, which have had a role in modern medicine?
Berries contain a large amount of mineral salts such as phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, manganese, sulfur, chlorine, and thus is an excellent source of mineral salts. It also contains vitamins such as A, B, C as well as protein and fats, sugar and citric acid The calorific value per 100 grams of mulberry about 7.5 calories, so eating berries is very useful in cases of anemia, throat and gums.

What did he say about modern medicine?

- The berries very useful in cases of anemia and tumors of the throat and gums, and has powerful effects in reducing the temperature in cases of fever and measles, it is also useful in cases of thirst, and used cranberry juice in the medical field to add to with the drugs for coloring and improve the taste. Has been shown in recent years, the root of the berries have the properties laxative the stomach and intestines and expelling the worms, and the last scientific studies confirm that the berries influence hormonally masculine Therefore, it is useful for cases of ED and also works to reduce the sugar in the blood and urine, which it is useful for cases of high blood sugar in the blood and liver diseases and cases of cough and measles.
There are uses of internal and external.

Uses of the Interior:

01 - Cgrgerp used cranberry juice and drink three times a day for cases of fever, sore throat, and measles.
02 drink boiled roots of berries at one cup per day on an empty stomach in the morning, and to treat diarrhea and to expel intestinal worms.
03 - use boiled fresh flowers, leaves and fruits are also eaten fresh impact cleanser, to treat infections of the mouth, bowel and digestive disorders.
04 - eaten fresh fruit and drink also Kaaasir three times daily for the treatment of ED and diabetes.

Uses of Foreign Affairs:

Use fresh raspberries after the indexed in the form of a face mask for a period of between 20 to 30 minutes and then removed afterwards with warm water and wash the face with rose water and repeat this process twice a week, or every three days, this recipe for the treatment of acne, cleanse and soften the skin, has many factories prepare juice raspberry center, which is used widely, especially in the month of Ramadan juices, a favorite among young people and children.
The berries contain vitamins (a) and (b 1) and (w). It is Tonic - Humidifier - disinfectant - laxative - and used against the weakness of the psychological and bleeding, constipation and inflammatory bowel disease and illnesses, chest, stating Berry anemic and weak liver and cough, measles, smallpox, and tumors of the throat and gums and reduce the heat and thirst.

The nutrition experts at the annual meeting of the Assembly of Physiology of America, the red berries in particular, contains a mixture of chemical compounds useful as 'flavonoids' and 'polyphenols' addition to the vehicles 'Anthusyanin' which gives the fruit its color red or purple or blue, are powerful antioxidants antioxidants and attributes of anti-inflammation and ulcers, viruses and cancer.

The researchers found at the University of Indiana, after considering the benefits of three types of berries are Ilderbiri, Chuquipere and Bilberi that abstracts Tut 'Chuquipere and Bilberi' caused relaxation of coronary arteries of the heart, while reduced concentrations of high Chuquipere exposed arteries to oxidation processes and protected from damage, as presented the other two types partial protection. Researchers attributed this positive health effects, the ability of these types of fruits to stimulate the start of nitric oxide in the coronary arteries, where this article will help in maintaining the activity and arterial blood pressure and prevent blood clots form.

The known health effects of berries since the time of Hippocrates, which used Kamadadat of inflammation, arthritis and diuretics for Paul Molina and materials of the intestines, as well as use of treatments for diseases Aldsntaria (dysentery), upset stomach and scurvy and urinary problems.

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