Eczema (Dermatology Consultation required)

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Eczema (Dermatology Consultation required)

Erythema awareness erythemato-vesicular pruritic, characterized by a slightly raised red cabinet, which appear early groups of small vesicles, which in its acute form and die quickly, leaving oozing oozing serous fluid, before the appearance of crusts before the injury and repair, and in its chronic form can be dry, flaky lichénifier and persist for many years.

Eczema is a skin reaction related to a defense predisposed (genetic factors, acquired factors sickly general or local) and an irritative agent externally or internally may be:
- Contact, from plants, fabrics, chemicals, medications used externally,
cosmetics, etc..)
- Microbial and fungal, whose localization is mainly observed in the folds;
- Internal (food, drug, sickly, constitutional).

It is therefore very important to determine the cause of eczema and make the accurate diagnosis of the clinical form to ensure effective treatment.

If you have an acute eczema or chronic eczema that you can not overcome, try the natural treatment that we recommend here, they may simply relieve you soon.

Above all, we must obviously seek a possible sensitizing agent irritant externally
or internal, what you do together with your dermatologist and either permanently delete it
where possible, be undertaken once the crisis is over, the specific desensitization or not that
needed, not to suffer further attacks repeatedly.

1) Measures lifestyle modifications:

• Keep the rest and avoid exposure to sunlight.

• Plan healthy and balanced meat and grilled fish, fresh cheeses, many
Various vegetables and fruits, avoiding excess dairy products, meats fat frying,
meat sauce, spicy food, salt, and removing the shells, crustaceans, fish
smoked, game, organ meats, chocolate, coffee and alcohol.

2) Natural Therapeutics:

- As a general internal take over two months:

• From Total micronized powder, burdock capsules at 1.5 g per day in two doses to swallow
(Before meals morning and evening).

• Trace elements include:
- Sulphur Monday and Thursday;
- Manganese Tuesday and Friday;
- Zinc Wednesday and Saturday;
as Granions * - * Microsol - Oligogranul * - Oligosol * - * Oligostim (pharmacy), toothpicks
trace elements that we recommend you continue thereafter every two months regularly

- By local external:

• At the stage of congestive phase and swollen, you should never put ointment and you
just to have dressings impregnated with a decoction of wild pansy (boil 50 g
dried flowers in a quart of water for 1 minute, then let steep 10 minutes before filtering),
to repeat three to five times a day.

• In stage oozing lesions and that of desquamation:
- Put on an injury to the pulp water corresponding to the following formulation that you will prepare
by your pharmacist:

......................................... Talc 10g
Zinc oxide ......................... 10g
Glycerin 30% .................... 10g
Water .......................................... 10g


- Brush with thick clay water (a tablespoon domed green clay for
half a glass of water, or better for half a glass of decoction prepared as wild pansy

In chronic forms that are resistant to treatment (often constitutional forms), we
urge you to do a spa resort in a specialty for which you
ask your doctor to make an application for support from the Security
Social. There are many in France - and inevitably one near you - include:
Molitg-les-Bains in the Pyrenees-Orientales, La Roche-Posay in Vienna, The Bourboule in the
Puy de Dome, Nerac-les-Bains in the Ardeche, St.-Gervais-les-Bains in Haute-Savoie, St.
Christau in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques, Avene-les-Bains in the Herault, Tercis-les-Bains in the
Landes, Uriage in Isere, etc.. (See "Cures").

In first intention, but after exhausting the results of rapid but transient corticosteroid chemotherapy, these natural therapies are an option of choice for many eczema in combination with any homeopathic treatment of land that is often useful.

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