Brain Tumors

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Brain Tumors

Brain Tumors

Brain tumor is any growth of abnormal cells, brain or skull. Brain tumors may be malignant (ie cancerous and can be spread) or benign (likely to spread). And brain tumors of any kind be dangerous because the developing brain tumor is not required to grow to the size of a very large even begin to put pressure on other parts of the brain and Tlavha.

There are two categories of brain tumors: tumors of primary and secondary tumors. Primary tumors begin within the brain tissue. The secondary brain tumors, cancers, they begin the most important members of the other lung or breast, and then spread to the brain. And secondary brain tumors are more common than primary tumors occur in 25% of people with cancers in other parts of the body.

And brain tumors affect both sexes may occur at any age, although tumors are the second most common in the later stages of life, when increasing the risk of any type of cancer.


Some brain tumors detected when they are still small in size, where an epileptic convulsions, or bleeding. Mostly does not cause symptoms to grow to a large size enough to put pressure on the brain tissue surrounding and cause malfunction such as weak an arm or legs, difficulty speaking.

Sometimes the only symptom of a brain tumor, a sense of headache, caused by increased pressure inside the skull. And headache in a person not before headache may be a warning sign.
In rare cases, no change in the personal unwarranted and that will be the first sign of infection in the brain tumor.

Treatment Options

If not treated brain tumors, they may lead to permanent brain damage, and there are many types of which lead to death despite the imperative to make every possible effort to treat. As for the offices and tumors as well as some malignant tumors, the early detection and treatment offer the best chances of recovery.

Your doctor will be in search of a brain tumor several diagnostic tests various, such as computerized tomography or magnetic resonance imaging, a technique which is to take pictures of the brain and determine the size and location of any tumor tags. As the secondary brain tumors arise mainly from cancers of the wounded members of the other body, you may need as well as scans of the rest of your body.

If the determination of doctors to conduct surgery, it may also require a scan on the blood vessels in the brain and further assess the size and location of the tumor. Depending on what the doctor will find, you may be referred to a specialist nerves, or brain tumors or wounds, and nerves.

Has been achieved by surgery conducted with a view to eradicate some of the benign or malignant success. However, if the surgeon was unable to completely remove the tumor because of its adherence to vital parts of the brain, the setback is to be out of the question of probability. Even if it was not possible to completely eradicate the tumor or treatment, it may be sometimes possible to remove a portion of it to reduce pressure and relieve symptoms. There is a "computer assisted surgery," which worked to improve the ability of surgeons to eradicate tumors deep inside the brain, which was previously impossible to access.

Therapists also may resort to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. The patient is given drugs, steroids to reduce swelling of brain tissue, as well as drugs that reduce convulsions and seizures of Abai associated Bnamwalorm.

The studies are being conducted to see if drugs were resistant to cancer or radioactive cylinders that are placed directly inside the tumor is more effective or not. If the tumor has spread throughout the body, or if you can not cure the tumor with surgery and drugs, the efforts now became directed at easing the symptoms and provide comfort to the patient.

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