Are there any vitamins that are suitable for a diet without dairy products, egg, soy, peanuts and walnuts?

The son of Marie-Hélène is allergic to all these foods and, although it seeks to provide a balanced and varied diet, it worries about possible deficiencies.

It is a concern that I understand very well: I had the same concern for my little guy. We then consulted a nutritionist (that's Allergy Service, Hôpital Sainte-Justine), who, after analyzing the content of meals and snacks consumed in a week, concluded that all their nutritional needs were met despite allergies. Phew!

So the first step I would recommend a consultation with a dietitian-nutritionist.

If it is necessary to supplement the diet with vitamins, it will be to find who are not traces of these allergens, which is not necessarily easy. Unfortunately I have no specific suggestions to make in this regard but I do not doubt that my readers have for us! Thank you in advance for all your recommendations!

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