Smoking more dangerous than the atomic bomb

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Smoking more dangerous than the atomic bomb

Provision of smoking on top of the list of causes of death in many countries, an addictive habit associated closely diseases serious internal infect the body, such as cancer and lung diseases, and diseases of the heart, blood vessels, where the WHO says that tobacco products cause the deaths of 5.4 million per year, and expects to increase the number of cases to 10 million in the year 2025, when will be 70% of these deaths in developing countries.

According to WHO statistics revealed that the two hundred thousand nonsmokers die every year from passive smoking in their workplaces, and one hundred people in China die every year from diseases associated with passive smoking, in addition to 700 million children exposed to passive smoking each year.

When the smoke smokers anywhere in the persons who are exposed to the smoke inhaled 15% of cigarette smoke, and most smoke cigarettes, or 85% of which is spreading in the air around smokers and, as such an environment is closed, the higher the concentration of smoke in the air, the greater the saturation of the atmosphere Ocean Dukhan cigarettes, and thus the presence of a number of non smokers in this atmosphere saturated with smoke, exposing them to many risks, and this is called passive smoking.

Smoking damages the retina, and causes hardening of the arteries, slow wound healing, and impair memory, cause cancer and weaken the sexual ability and affect the fetus.

According to another survey by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, found that passive smoking is prevalent high in Egypt, through public places such as public transport: 80% are exposed to passive smoking, with the exception of metro, home: 71% of Egyptians are allowed to smoke inside their homes, restaurants : 70% are exposed to in restaurants, places of work is different: 61% of all workers, health facilities: 49%.

History of tobacco

In 1492, he saw Christopher Columbus and his sailors, smoking tobacco for the first time on the island of "Cuba," but he called the "Tobacco" in relation to the pipes used to smoke in the island of "Santo Domingo", but the Europeans launched the name on the plant itself.

Then followed discovery of the many theorem on the harms of smoking on health, in the year 1946 and after reviewing the 7000 article on smoking and health by a specialized scientific committee, the U.S. government announced the historic decision of the Surgeon General that "smoking is a serious task on health imperative to take appropriate action to deal with it" .

Substances found in tobacco

That tobacco is a chemical by 5000, such as Maxbat bait, preservatives, anti-insect materials, help to maintain the ignition, gas "Cyanide" is faster toxins killed, formaldehyde, a "material used in mortuaries, ammonia, a" material used to clean bathrooms , zinc oxide, "rat-poison," acetone "material used to remove the nail polish", benzene, carbon monoxide, 30 such as metal, nickel, zinc, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, and all these metals are carcinogenic.

Smoking in brief:

- Cause blindness.
- Reduces the access of oxygen to the heart muscle.
- Ziad Wife cause blood platelets becoming more and more the ability to configure the stroke.
- Paving the way for a hardening of the arteries.
- Elevators paralyze the ciliary mucous Altnnevsi device and thus pave the way for the settlement of microbes that Atjd deterred.
- Holding exotic materials especially in the lungs causes of allergies.

Smoking more dangerous than AIDS

That smoking is more dangerous than AIDS, AIDS kills 2 million people annually in the world, while smoking kills 5.4 million a year, and it is a key element of lung cancer, which kills 3 every minute in the world.

The World Health Organization expects to increase the number of smokers in the world to 1.2 billion, including 200 million women.

- Global: 47% of males and 12% females smoked.
- Third World: 48% of males and 7% of females.
- The civilized world: 42% of males and 24% of females.

That smoking is sodomized with diabetic blood vessels, weakening the circulatory system reduces the amount of oxygen in the tissues and accumulate toxins, and increase chances of infection and amputation, as it causes increased complications of kidney disease 12 times, but it also reduces the effectiveness of treatment, especially insulin.
Enemy of women smoking

That smoking causes severe complications on the feminine woman is like, bad breath of the mouth and dental problems, and have a taste of the tongue and the appearance of wrinkles of the skin and aggravate acne and hair growth in places, such as the chin, hands, legs and change the sound some roughness and increase the pain menstrual cycle and drop early menstruation and late pregnancy and infertility, sometimes, because the rate of fertilization to less than 50% due to reduced storage eggs, and also reduced the process of ovulation because of direct toxic effect of nicotine.

In the latest global research shows that smoking inside the uterus by cigarettes every day exposed to the fetus, lower birth weight, with about 20 grams.

Smoking causes a third of cancer deaths in the category of women, but also cause lung cancer in the largest number of deaths from breast cancer among women, and last year was the possibility of life for five years among women with lung cancer, only 15%.

Simple steps to quit smoking

According to research in the men's and women often quit smoking, a group of researchers in England, provide ten steps, if committed by a smoker, it will succeed in getting rid of those bad habit .. These steps are summarized in the following points:

First: select the days starting to quit smoking the day before and tried to remove all ashtrays and lighters that are used when smoking.

Second: Do not try to take your mind that you will take off from smoking because it might make you feel you lost something, and if requested you one cigarette, say to him I do not smoke and you have to think about how the benefits that accrue after that.

III: Visit to a specialist in the field of Hypnosis, even distract you from smoking in the times when you want to smoke it.

Fourth: Try Acupuncture Therapy Chinese, they have proved very effective in eliminating the urge to smoke.

Fifth: Try to overcome your addiction to nicotine by some candy and chew gum and cut the use of nasal spray, which addresses the struggling desire to smoke.

Sixth: Do not try to think about smoking at any time, and if you feel weak in front of this desire for you to resort immediately to the work of anything like the practice of some sports activity or hiking with a friend, or watching TV is important to occupy yourself anything other Encick smoking.

Seventh: Try to make the money barrier that prevents you from smoking, purchase of a pack of cigarettes every day will cost you at the end of the month a large sum of money.

VIII: Try to educate yourself by reading some guidebooks, which highlighted the importance and benefits of quitting smoking.

IX: exercise, something important, because they increase the secretion of the hormone "Ondrofenz" which helps you get rid of nicotine addiction.

X.: Try to ventilate the house and open the windows and avoid sitting with smokers.

Drink water frequently, and vitamin "C" during pregnancy to prevent negative effects of smoking on lung function, especially oranges, tangerines and vegetables, cooked or save your life, others green, red and yellow, and broccoli.

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