Move the legs forward and back protects against infection Baldoual

Revealed the German Society for Internal Medicine Physicians importance of moving the legs back and forth to avoid the incidence of varicose veins where the work of that movement to activate the muscles of the legs and support the return of blood to the heart. And more than standing or sitting for a long time the chances of developing varicose veins in the legs. It is better to raise the feet while seated, if possible. The performance of exercise on a regular basis the best ways to maintain healthy veins.

In the case of standing or sitting for a long time because of the nature of work must be offset by the exercise of cycling or swimming. However, the sports activities that include sudden movements such as tennis, badminton, athletics, can cause stress in veins. It should be on patients with varicose veins to avoid wearing socks, which is pressing on the leg of one place. This also applies to wearing tight trousers. It is best to use those flat shoes with high heels. The Society stated that 90% of cases of varicose veins in the legs. Among the causes of congenital factors such as weak walls of the veins and the genetic age. And the injury occur extensively veins or varicose veins when you are not able to return blood to the heart, which increases the size of the vein. The proportion of infected women varicose veins three times the rate than men with the disease.

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