Olive oil, green tea, chewing gum, protect teeth from decay

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Olive oil, green tea, chewing gum, protect teeth from decay

Tests conducted by U.S. researchers reported that olive oil and green tea, chewing gum, protect teeth from decay.

The report said that the televised spots cavities formed when bacteria attach to the tooth surface layer of the sticky problem of intensifying with time and affecting larger areas around the teeth, gums and the parties.

The report added: Drinking a glass of green tea a day reduces the risk of tooth loss by 20 percent, showed the tests carried out by researchers in the United States that green tea is rich in Bolifunolz that inhibit bacteria from attaching to the teeth.

The researchers at the University of Madrid to the importance of olive oil to protect the teeth after they noticed that that the population of the industrialized regions of the olive low levels degree unheard of tooth decay and gum disease and found in olive oil, an antibacterial agent called Gran Nicatev responsible for gum disease and erosion of the bones in addition to that olive oil thickened with a layer of fat teeth to prevent tooth decay.

The researchers said that the gum had positive effects provided they are not rich in sugar, pointing out that chewing gum where Gxilitol is a substitute for sugar contribute to the protection of the teeth They kill bacteria by starvation because the bacteria do not use this material to feed and adopted this theory, Harvard School of Dental Society, which noted that those who chew GUM Gxilitol I regularly have the proportion of caries between forty to sixty percent.

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