New drug removes the intractable cancer

Publié par happy-diet dimanche 23 mai 2010

New drug removes the intractable cancer

Can injection where a new drug against cancer to destroy tumors, and gives us hope in the hearts of thousands of cancer patients who are suffering from it now. The experts welcomed this new drug extracted from the material that is harmful to where they can deal with disorders of the stomach, and found evidence the preliminary experiments conducted on patients who suffered symptoms of cancer is not curable, and those who stopped treatment for radiation-chemical results have been encouraging and good.
The injection has been able to stem the spread of the deadly disease in other parts of the body and thus prevent the growth and development every success.
In some cases, had a large tumor is shrinking to the point where it can be removed with surgery, and there was another patient suffering from skin cancer and had spread in his body remained alive for 17 months after the entry dealt with the treatment.
The virus is injected in patients and strengthens the immune system in the body and heartbreaking that marks these tumors, using the injection as well as radiation therapy can make the tumor may be treated, and there is this virus in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts of humans

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