Long calls on the mobile phone cluttered brain

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Long calls on the mobile phone cluttered brain

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Many feel the desire to scream in the face of the person sitting next to them is being a long conversation on his mobile phone and saying, "Enough" or "Shut up" because of the interference that affects their brains and lose the ability to pursue the dialogue between the speaker and the recipient to know the details in full.
The researcher in Psychology from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, Lauren Iimbrson for "Health News DVD" The casual listen to a telephone conversation conducted by one person only cause inconvenience and distress because the brain is confused when listening to half a conversation and not all.
The Iimbrson "listen to a telephone conversation accidentally disturbing the unthinkable," adding, "You can not exchange your attention on it."
Iimbrson conducted several tests and colleagues asking the university students to do some tasks that require focus fully and at the same time listening to audio recordings of students talking about things on different topics, ignoring what is going on around them as possible.
The researchers found that when you hear these students are full of dialogue and non-fragmented girls were able to focus well, but when I heard only part of it without the other mistakes abounded greatly.
The study will be published in the next issue of the Journal of psychology.
The Iimbrson The brain is programmed to hear everything going on around him, pointing out that listening to half of the conversation, the sense of hearing person in front of you and not knowing what the other says the other side, confusing the brain and make him lose the ability to predict what they are saying the other party.
She added, "when listening to half of the conversation we get less information .. and so we have to listen more."
In the same context, "said Gary methanogenic, a professor of psychology at the University of York in Britain," when listening to half of the conversation, you do not receive only "snapshots" of which so you can not predict what will follow that because the brain has gone through evolution to perform these duties. "

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