A new way to diagnose eye pressure

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A new way to diagnose eye pressure

Glaucoma section

The Blue (blue water), a disease that brings with it a rise in eye pressure. In the long term, and the absence of treatment, the disease to become a fixed damage to the optic nerve may lead to patient injury and blindness. In most cases, the diagnosis comes too late. Therefore, the researchers sought to replace the diagnostic methods of old, as measured hardness intraocular pressure (Tonometry) and theorizing the bottom of the eye (ophtalmoscopy), which depends on small devices (size as big as a pencil) containing lenses, optical and light cool avatars Arthroscopic the bottom of the eye and vascular network, with modern ones and are able to Track this disease early.

At present, Switzerland begins testing technology diagnostic U.S., based on fiber optic and shed called "Raman" (Raman spectroscopy). This uses the technique infrared, non-Almrip to the human eye to determine the composition of tissues of the eye. And by the technique of "Raman", currently used in several areas of biological and medical, are shed infrared inside the eyeball. And break these rays arriving at the optic nerve fibers. What generates a spectrum of different colors, which, according to the composition of each tissue at the end, reflecting the health status of the optic nerve.

Comparing the nerve tissues of sound that could be affected by today has become diagnosis of glaucoma since the birth of the first ill-effects. In a related development, notes the results of studies on laboratory animals that the technology "Raman" I was able to detect 90 percent of the damage early. If successful, this technique, low-cost and easy to use, in humans, it is expected to invade clinics of ophthalmologists around the globe, within just five years

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