Diabetic foot

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Diabetic foot

The Diabetic foot of the diabetic complications of serious long-term that arise with the passage of time. Time due to an increase in blood sugar and harmful to the wall of blood vessels that feed nerve sensory nerve especially kicking.

And cursing this effect at the beginning Baltnumeil feeling, pain and severe Alkhaddran especially at night and the pain usually starts at the top of the toes and begin to spread gradually.

Ischemia also causes the arteries of the parties and not to feel pain in the foot to the very slow healing of wounds and sores.

Foot care (proper way)

* Check the roof and bottom of your feet every day and make sure that there are no cracks or wounds or fungi, especially in the area between the fingers to determine any injuries immediately.

* If you can not check your feet yourself, you can use a relative or using a mirror to LOSES.

* Wash your feet daily with warm water and soap and lose water temperature before washing your feet and prefer to measure the water temperature Bkoek to be able to feel good or Berodth Bsgunth.

* Dry your feet well, in particular places between the fingers.

* Must be considered good because the skin is often dry and easy to injury may be used moisturizing creams for the feet to avoid putting cream between the fingers.

* Manicure: Never use sharp cutting tools are very serious and prefer to cut the nails with a straight face after a shower when it is wet, with careful not to cut Alazferdakhl skin becomes inflamed and then use the file, preferably characters to trim nails.

* Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes Alrafeepao narrow forward it to cause pressure and a defect in Alyasaba Mphast feet and chose the proper footwear is as follows: -

* When you boot, shut down fingers and heel.

* Comfortable shoes made of leather good.

* Do not wear shoes or the surface of the plastic sandal.

* Wear cotton socks that absorb moisture, even in the feet should not wear tight socks, which extends to groin or knee so as not to put pressure on blood circulation of the feet.

* Do not walk barefoot at home and feel inside the shoe before wearing it to make sure the area is free of any rough or sharp objects or hard may injure the feet.

* Exercise and walking Bahzbp comfortable, because the exercises improve blood circulation in the feet. Stop for sports or getting Baltegrahat,

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