Cleaning and preparation of the patient's bed

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Cleaning and preparation of the patient's bed


Interest-framed bed patient

Must be the patient's bed sheets are made mainly of cotton, not nylon; because the cotton absorbs sweat, and may provide you a lot of time and effort, the use of sheets made of cotton and polyester. The patient's bed should be arranged twice a day, and probably more. Replaced by another, clean sheets every four or five days, and more frequently if the patient sweats profusely. Drag the lower solvency tightly over the bed so as not to crumple (wrinkle the sheets may cause alarm to the patient) and install it under the bed


Well-arranged pads assigned to the patient's shoulders and head. The arrangement which provides maximum comfort for the patient should be lying on his back is to develop and Sad at such an angle toward each other with a pillow third through them and, if preferred patient use pad and one developed a manner designed to assign the neck, shoulders and head as well.

The patient's bed

After a patient may sit in the bed needs to rest to rest his back (can be purchasing such a predicate or the use of seat upside down), or at least an additional pads.
Provided the patient's bed also Bmsend; to assign his feet and prevent it from slipping out of bed.

Change the lower solvency

If the patient completely incapable of getting out of bed, there is an easy way to change the lower solvency:
1 - Turn the first patient on one side.
2 - Move the patient to the bed, making sure it is lying in a fixed position.
3 - Tweaked half old blanket lengthwise direction of the patient, then wrap half a clean blanket lengthwise and placed on the bed with a half of cabbage in the middle of the bed.
4 - Move the patient so that it is over half his body clean and remove the credit worthiness of old.
5 - Finally Avrc other half of the blanket clean and tightly stretched and pinned under the mattress.

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