The Gazan drinks cause cancer of the pancreas

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The Gazan drinks cause cancer of the pancreas

Soft drinks are the drinks industry plus the preservative gases and flavors give the taste characteristic, which varies from one type to another as flavor additives, with no nutritional value, in addition to containing high-calorie due to the presence of large amounts of sugar, as they cause indigestion , to contain it on the article "bicarbonate" it is very strong, working to reduce stomach acid, which plays an important role in the digestion process, deprives many of the digestive enzymes ability to digest, because it only works in the middle of acidic and carbonated water change the center of the stomach to the alkaline.

In Search off alarm bells about these drinks and the danger to human health, recent British study has warned that soft drinks can raise the risk of pancreatic cancer.

A study conducted at the University, "East Anglia" in Britain over 25 thousand people over 16 years, that those who ate the sucrose "white sugar" frequently also have double the incidence of pancreatic cancer compared with those who ate less sucrose.

The newspaper "Daily Mail" Britain, the function of the pancreas in the body is producing insulin, which in turn maintain the rate of sugar in the blood, saying that dealing with an increase of sucrose can lead to cancer of the pancreas through an increase in the production of insulin.

On the other hand, found scientists from the University, "George Town", USA, who conducted the study over 60 thousand men and women in Singapore over 14 years, that those who ate more than two soft drinks per week doubled their risk of pancreatic cancer.

Soft drinks destroy fertility

As a medical study warned that the multiplication of men from soft drinks, especially the dark ones that contain large amounts of the "cola" to more than a quarter of gallons per day offering sperm significantly to damage and destruction.
Research has also carried out in this regard, that the men who used to frequent consumption of cola with a decline rate of 30% in the number of sperm than men who eat moderately, which exposes them to problems in reproduction and infertility in some cases.

The researchers attributed this to the scientific truth of these drinks contain large amounts of caffeine adverse impact negatively on their health.

The medical reports showed that sugar-sweetened drinks, and fructose significantly associated with increased risk of gout in men, while not more than carbonated drinks that do not contain calories, a large "Diet" section of this risk.

He explained, "Hyun SK. Shui" that sweetened soft drinks contain large amounts of fructose, a sugar extracted from fruit, which increases the levels of uric acid, and the findings provide the first evidence that fructose and fructose-rich foods are important risk factors for gout.

They used Shui, from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Dr. "Gary Curhan, from" Harvard Medical School in Boston, used for food for the assessment of levels of consumption of soft drinks and fructose in 46393 men in the study of "follow-up of occupational health" were not suffering from gout at the beginning of the study and were followed for over 12 years.

Similar trend was noted in the consumption of fructose, Compared with individuals who consumed the lowest levels of fructose, those who consumed the highest levels of increased risk of gout of 102 percent, and is also associated with consumption of high-fructose fruits such as apples and oranges increased risk of gout.

Coca-Cola warns ..

The Coca-Cola Company announced a major soft drink companies in the world, it has decided to remove the substance sodium benzoate "E211" in gradually after the revelation of the products for potential to cause hyperactivity and damage to DNA "DNA" users with soft drinks produced by this company.

The company that it will remove this article of all packages Diet Coke by next August, and indicated that they want to remove the benzoate sodium of other products whenever possible, and she has yet to find acceptable alternatives to this article in the soft drinks Fanta and Dr Pepper.

He warned Professor Peter Piper, an expert on chemicals at the University of Sheffield, that sodium benzoate can paralyze cellular energy with yeast, and may occur in the same effect in humans, and the University of South Ineptun considered sodium benzoate Sun seven articles added to the food symbolized by the letter "E" that can added to the Vitamin "A" to form carcinogenic benzene.

Produces sodium benzoate naturally in some types of fruit, but using a more focused soft drinks to prevent them from rotting.
The sodium benzoate as well as in existing products such as Pepsi and Pepsi Irene Pro Max and Okozad.

Harm does not end ...

Not only impact on the mind only, but recent study pointed out that soft drinks contain the equivalent of ten spoons of sugar, which is sufficient to destroy the vitamin "B", whose deficiency results in the body to poor digestion, poor infrastructure and neurological disorders, headaches, insomnia and muscle cramps.

The study pointed out that soft drinks are the weakness and osteoporosis, especially in adolescence, affecting the teeth because they contain phosphoric acid and harder for corals that cause erosion of tooth enamel of the teeth protector.

The study showed that soft drinks manufactured from cola drinks that contain caffeine, which increase heart rate and high blood pressure, diabetes, and increasing acidity, also caused material cola insomnia in children and sleep disturbances.

As a scientific study showed that modern soft drinks or sparkling increase the risk of cancer of the esophagus, indicating that there is a strong correlation between consumption of beverages that contain sodium bicarbonate and cancer of the esophagus.

The A statistic to increase the proportion of these beverages as a consumer with about 10.8 gallons in 1946 and became 49.2 in 2000 as well as cancer of the esophagus that affects about 14 thousand U.S. and has caused the deaths of 10 thousand U.S. dollars annually.

Scientists have proved that the relation between soft drinks to cancer is not a coincidence, as Experience has shown that sodium bicarbonate caused a swell in the stomach, leading to flash back the bile, which is infectious Msppt of cancer of the esophagus.

Was supported by the results of a recent study on mice suspicion that sugary soft drinks is linked to the development of liver disease. The results of the study was announced at the annual conference of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases held in Boston and America.
The results of the study, rats that ate large amounts of water sweetened with sugar hit fat liver diseases, especially those that dealt with a kind of sugar known as fructose, and the less the rats on food when it acquired a greater number of calories and increased weight.
These findings support the theory that dealt with large amounts of fructose destroys the liver and increases the proportion of toxins.

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