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Dizziness is the case where the person that what is going on around him, or he falls. There is another type of dizziness characterized by the sense of light in the head, a feeling which precedes loss of consciousness, and cause ataxia person and fall.

In most cases, the dizziness accompanied by vomiting, and spoke dizziness during the brief moments that have a low blood flow to the brain, it also can occur as a result of pressure changes in the channel nearly circular in the inner ear, and often dizziness associated with some disorders, such as anemia, epilepsy, heart disease and diseases of the inner ear, also arise from poor digestion and constipation, fermentation of food in the intestines and some kidney diseases, and that high blood pressure, a lot of trouble, one of them dizziness, as well as hearing and sight are affected by dizziness, may arise rotor blow to the head, and other injury or concussion in the brain, and may cause Chora years and the lack of stability and Tbulbula .. And we note that sometimes the person that is calculated and its surroundings pant, hard stuff seems to be moving in different directions, may find the person that he could not standing upright, or may actually fall on the ground.

There are four types of dizziness or vertigo, namely:

The first type

Sense of transient or short dizzy not soon be removed, the person, which affects not like him to stay in high places and usually Meimsk anything round about used to come down from the drawer of building multiple rounds so they stick Balderbzin your drawer, as he was when he ascended to a high place Kqmp Mount for example, or tower or towers high above the surface of a high rise building, if looked at the bottom, it does not have such a good compatibility between the head and foot and feel dizzy and may fall.

Type II:

Person feels dizzy when he stands suddenly sit down and find stick Balashiyaekhova from falling, and many people believe that the reason for that is to consider goes to the place of glasses and cut glasses, hoping that it prevents the emergence of the rotor has the patient usually can not leave the bed, the morning but after sitting at the pajamas for 50-10 minutes, but was injured after the discharge of dizzy, vertigo may cancel this after a few moments had to stay about an hour or maybe two hours. The reason for such a vertigo or dizziness and a disease in yellow.

Type III:

The injured are forced confinement for many days consecutively as they can not get up and dress for their continued dizzy, stood up and if they lose their balance and put themselves at risk of falling, and this type of vertigo is usually accompanied by nausea.

Type IV:

Are dizzy spells or dizziness severe and accompanied by nausea and ringing in the ear and sometimes hearing, and people living with this type hiding away in bed in some cases many weeks and can not promote as they see everything around them is going and are unable to stand and walk and fall to the ground if standing and there are several reasons for the rotor including the following:


This type causes the movement of vessels as a result of balance disorders My inner ear of the person and the symptoms are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and pale color of the face of the victim and sweating cold.

The cure for this simple kind where you sit in the air with a renewed eating away all the light and away from fatty food, drug therapy and anti-nausea is a very popular and available in pharmacies and the most important type is known as Drammamine.

Roundabout Mountain:

This type of vertigo occurs at high elevations, such as mountain peaks, due to the lack of air pressure, and must for people who are thinking of climbing mountains and tourist cars expect to suffer altitude sickness and take the measures necessary to do so, and treatment of this type to reduce physical exertion and eating and drinking for two days to the the body adapts himself to the new site .. Must be on the heart and chest patients to avoid going to high places.

Motion sickness:

Feel this kind group of people, not the majority when riding a train or plane or even a car or a boat or elevator or swing and the cause of dizziness that some people feel that the movement of unusual or irregular disruptive members of the balance of the inner ear, the symptoms are dizziness, headache, and pale color and a cold sweat , and removed all of these symptoms often and quickly after the end of the trip not to cause damage later, the person is unusual to travel by sea or air just get dizzy from hunger or satiety poor digestion or excessive or foul-smelling odors, especially the smell of tobacco smoke.

And treatment of this kind dealt with sedatives before boarding the vessel, or snack on take-off, and must lie down on the seat and turning a blind eyes, to avoid sitting in places bad ventilation and fatty snacks and preferably eaten in a cup of coffee intensive.

Rotary air:

This type happens to some people who leave on board the air or on the helicopter, the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, headache, this type somewhat similar to motion sickness.

Altitude sickness:

A situation have to ascend to high elevations causing which handles in a lack of air pressure it is called medically fall in oxygen the blood, symptoms depends on the altitude where the high and how quickly rise to the this place, and the person who is suffering from some diseases, especially heart disease or lung consult a doctor before going to such places.

(Treating dizziness)

The cure depends dizziness on the cause is usually fleeting When the cause or reason, if a person is suffering from dizziness sustained must in this case, consult a specialist to examine him thoroughly checked and the required analysis of Paul and others, in the absence of a doctor, he should extend patient to bed in ventilated room and makes his head lower than his body and his eyes shut and give the air full of the rotor to rest until the arrival of the doctor, if without the knowledge of recurring dizziness caused by you should consult with a specialist either cure dizziness herbal stockpiles several herbs have a huge effect, namely:


The Chinese sailors chewed ginger root when traveling in the seas and go use to India and Asia and the Middle East, to Europe and were used against sea-sickness, in a study of 80 people who feel dizzy the sea where I give each one gram of ginger powder (half teaspoon) before sail Vtahfez rotor by 90% and on the ground conducted a study on the number of 18 people suffering from vertigo resulting from the movement of trains and cars, where I give each one of them the same dose of the previous result was better than the drug, known to be given to travelers is Drammamine (dramamine) has been suggested by Professor Farrow Taylor Professor of drugs and former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Purdue University in the City of Aviac handed the address to the traveler by land or sea ginger capsules from the product which is sold in pharmacies ready before you travel thirty minutes. Can be used fresh ginger slices or ginger or dry ginger powder in the form of teas.


Described as bottom ginkgo leaves on a large scale in Europe against the rotor has a study France's 70 people have dizziness with chronic gave a summary of the ginkgo and the result was that 47 of them recovered from the dizziness, where the dose is between 60 to 240 grams per day, but should not be exceeded this dose as the dose excess causes diarrhea and serious concern.


Studies have shown that the seeds of Chinese celery have a good effect against the dizziness and the Chinese people use celery seeds as a treatment for dizziness.

Grapefruit or grapefruit Grapefruit

The Chinese grapefruit peel recipe favorite against dizziness where boiling peel fruits in the form of tea and drink for this purpose.


Using Chinese as a tea leaf peach against drowsiness where to eat boil spoon of leaves filled with a glass of water and drink against dizziness.

Sod baking Baking Soda

American women use it, especially those living south and south-west, where taken to fill a teaspoon dissolved in and fill a glass of water and drink when dizziness have disappeared completely.


Soak about 2 tablespoons eat from the fruits of tamarind Andalmads in about a cup of water and squeeze the morning and filtered and drink half in the morning and the other half in the evening against dizziness.

Apple cider vinegar Vinegar

Taken to fill one teaspoon of vinegar added to fill a glass of cold water and drink when feeling dizzy.

Securities juniper Juneper

Taken to fill two tablespoons of dry juniper leaves and add to half a liter of water and boil for 5 minutes, then cooled and filtered and drink a cup of lukewarm ..

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