Neuralgia dental

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Neuralgia dental (dental consultation required)

Gamma Knife for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Pain, often sharp, stabbing occurring at a tooth.

The most commonly caused by tooth decay or neglect go unnoticed, dental neuralgia is a pain most unpleasant you decide to take early appointment with the dentist to perform the necessary care and that will remove the pain completely.

But until this care because it is very rare that you see your dentist in a few hours and - coincidentally - the pain often has a tendency to occur in the middle of the night, when this is not a Saturday night or in place very far from your usual doctor "preferred", you can still remove or reduce significantly with either of these natural therapies extremely effective and fast:

- Place the tooth pain (level of caries) and gum cons related to its
location if there is an abscess formation:

• a whole clove or a cotton swab soaked in essential oil;

• a piece of previously purified propolis soft between your fingers.

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