Margarine Nuvel (the amazing continued)

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Margarine Nuvel (the amazing continued)

May 2010 - Recent developments (rather surprising) in the saga of the lactose-free margarine Nuvel.

On May 14, 2010, a chemist from the Directorate of laboratory expertise and analytical support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) conducted an analysis of a container margarine Nuvel sealed with the same lot number (DS 010,710) that originally produced the very serious allergic reaction to the daughter of Naomi. Verdict: The product contains 58 ppm of milk protein that the label does not mention dairy. "This sample, concludes the chemist, presents a health risk for people allergic to milk. "

The file was forwarded to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) which, after having submitted the file to Health Canada, issued a recall class II.

This means that Nuvel margarine containers bearing the lot number 010710 DS have been removed from supermarket shelves in Quebec and Ontario. In addition, monitoring is being done by the manufacturer to (hopefully) avoid the problem reoccurs.

By cons, because it is a Class II recall, rather than Class I, no public notice will be issued. Thus, consumers subscribe to Email Notification Service - Food Recalls / Allergy Alerts will not receive any messages notifying them of this recall. The CFIA will not issue, either, a press release about it. The information (reduced to its simplest expression) has just been published in a rather obscure section of the CFIA website (I defy you to find this reminder from the homepage of the site ... must really be motivated!).

Be aware that a Class I recall "is a situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of a nonconforming product or exposure to it will cause serious adverse health consequences or even death . "By cons, a Class II recall is warranted when" the use of a nonconforming product or exposure to it can cause temporary adverse health consequences or where the probability of serious adverse health consequences is low . "

An official of the CFIA confirmed to me that when a recall is driven by the presence of an allergen in the product, there is almost automatically a Class I recall Why did we come to a different decision at Health Canada, given the unequivocal conclusion of the chemist and the severity of the allergic reaction of the daughter of complainants? I did not get a clear answer to this question.

Do I need to clarify that the solution adopted by the CFIA seems clear enough? Although margarine containers contaminated Nuvel were removed from the shelves of supermarkets, people allergic to milk products which have already purchased the product (and who are not accustomed to this website!) Will not be made aware of the danger it presents and consume in ignorance and with possible consequences that we know. Not to mention that consumers are entitled to be notified of such a slippage of the manufacturer. Who can say that only containers carrying the lot number 010 710 DS have been contaminated?

Whether in your comments or in emails you sent me, many of you have reported adverse reactions after eating margarine Nuvel. However, a CFIA officials with whom I spoke said that the Health Canada decision could be revised if new complaints forwarded to them. I invite you to report these incidents by contacting MAPAQ (which will forward relevant information to the CFIA) at the following number: 1-800-463-5023. Ideally, of course, would have in hand the margarine container to be able to give the inspectors.

I will admit that this whole thing leaves me a bitter taste ...

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  1. Lina Says:
  2. I am OUTRAGED!! I, like many others, receive the email updates about contamination risks (etc) and did not receive an email for this one (because it's class II, as you stated) and I think that is totally unacceptable. My son does have a severe milk allergy and we use Nuvel. The one he has at daycare is ok but the one at home is labelled with the code you mentioned!!!!!! The only way I heard about this whole issue was just by chance - someone mentioned they heard it on the radio. I just found out about it today (June 1st)! Argh!! I am angry and frustrated beyond belief!

  3. Blogger Says:
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