Grapes reduces heart disease, diabetes,

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Grapes reduces heart disease, diabetes,

Does anyone imagine that eating grapes slows down the series leading to high blood pressure and insulin resistance, which in turn cause heart disease and type II diabetes patients who warns the consumption of grapes?

Looking scientists at the University Michegn in evidence on the impact of grapes in reducing risk factors related to cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. This is due to the influence of plant chemicals, which are natural antioxidants found in grapes, according to Science Daily.

Include the multiple metabolic syndrome symptoms such as increased fat and abdominal circumference and high levels of triglycerides in the blood and high blood pressure, low glucose tolerance, high index of inflammation in the body, and its presence harbinger of heart disease and type II diabetes.

The study was conducted on laboratory animals, and revenues presented in the biological test, held recently in the Anaheim, California, has shown encouraging results indicate that the grape-rich diet helps to prevent the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Multiple impacts
The researchers studied the impact of the types of ordinary grapes green, red and black mixed in the form of powder, and purveying to a diet mice the high fat and simulated American-style food, and all mice used strain genetically prone to weight gain.

Then made comparisons between the rats received a diet rich in grapes and other control received a diet without the grape powder. They added calories and sugars to control mice to offset those of existing grape powder.

After three months, the rats with a diet rich in grapes had lower blood pressure and has a better heart function and fewer signs of inflammation of the heart and blood, compared to mice-free diet of grapes.

The first group showed a decrease in triglycerides and an improvement in glucose tolerance. These effects were observed despite no change in weights of mice a diet rich in grapes.

The study showed that a diet rich in grapes may have a large impact in the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome and related hazards.

He explained the research team, this result is that the chemical plant were active in the protection of heart cells from the harmful effects of metabolic syndrome, which was brought under control inflammation and maintain heart function in mice grape diet is much better.

To reduce blood pressure and the risk of diabetes and help the heart to keep pumping capacity as possible, researchers are advised to eat a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and achieving the desired weight and increasing physical activity
Tried and tested tips
Also, researchers studied the signs of inflammation and damage caused by oxidation and other molecular indicators of cardiac stress in both groups and succeeded in mice diet grape lowest levels of these indicators, compared to the other.

According to the survey, may alter the consumption of grape serial path leading to heart disease, lengthening the time between the beginning of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and the beginning of infection and diagnosis by the patient. May delay reducing the risk factors linked to the onset of diabetes or heart disease, or reduce the severity and health burdens.

Noted that research on the grape and other fruit-rich high level of phytochemicals antioxidants are continuing promise.

The University is planning Michegn for further research this summer, it begins a clinical trial to test the effect of consumption of products of grapes in the risk factors for heart disease.

According to the researchers, it can be assumed that food containing the fruit-rich chemicals plant grapes may help humans, although the study does not specify what should humans do.

The researchers advise people wishing to lower blood pressure and risk of diabetes or help the heart feeble to retain as pumping capacity possible, by following the tips tested and certified in terms of eating a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and achieve weight loss desired, and increasing physical activity.

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