Study: processed meat is a real danger to health

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Study: processed meat is a real danger to health


CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. researchers said in a study that eating bacon, sausages, hot dogs and other processed meats may increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The researchers said on Monday that eating beef or pigs or sheep unprocessed apparently does not increase the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. They pointed out that the salt and chemical preservatives may be the real reason for these health problems associated with use of meat.

The study did not consider the analysis to discuss the latest so-called (meta analysis) to have high blood pressure or cancer, also linked to high consumption of meat.

Said Renata Micha School of Public Health at Harvard University, whose study appears in the journal Circulation (journal Circulation) "to reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes, people should know what kind of meat eating."

Micha said in a statement: "processed meats such as bacon and salami and sausages and processed meats may be the most delicious meat that should be avoided."

Based on the findings said that people who eat a meal in a week or less of the processed meat have a lower risk.

He objected to American Meat Institute on the results, saying it was only one study and it stands in contrast to other studies and other U.S. Dietary Guidelines.

Said James Hodges President American Institute of Lhom in a statement "in the best case this assumption deserves further study. It is certainly no reason to change diets."

Recommends that most of the guidelines by reducing food intake of meat. The results of the studies looking at individual relationships between eating meat and coronary heart disease and diabetes, are mixed.

But Micha said that studies rarely consider the differences between the risk of red meat processed and unprocessed.

The systematic review, and colleagues for almost a study of 1600 from around the world looking for evidence on the link between eating red meat, processed and unprocessed and the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The researchers defined processed meat as any meat or processed tobacco Reserved Owaltmileih or by adding chemical preservatives. Included in this category of meat, bacon and salami, sausages, hot dogs or processed foods delicious Owallnhun.

Included red meat, unprocessed beef, lamb or pork without poultry.

The researchers found that every 50 grams on average, processed meat a day - a slide or two slices of deli meat or hot dogs - the risk associated with a higher incidence of heart disease by 42 percent and a higher risk of diabetes by 19 percent.

Were not disclosed any risk of heart disease or diabetes in people who eat red meat only unprocessed

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