Black eye - Ecchymosis - Eye Trauma

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Black eye - Ecchymosis - Eye Trauma


Caused bruising to the eye bleeding under the skin around the eyes. In some instances, trauma refers to injuries of more extension, but not to the fracture of the skull, especially if attended on the back of both eyes or the victim has suffered trauma to the head.

Causes of bruising the eye:

- A common result of the injury to the face or head
- A direct hit to the eye, and this leads to loss of blood and fluids
- Direct blow to the nose, which leads to swelling and swelling as a result of fluid in the tissues of the Eyelid
- May result from cosmetic surgery of the face, such as facelifts and surgery jaw and nose

Symptoms of trauma in the eye:

- Pain in the eye
- Bleeding in the anterior part of the eye
- Headache
- Swelling

Complexities of bruises in the eye:

Although most of the injuries not serious and disappear within a few days, but the bleeding inside the eye, or so-called "bloody immersion" hyphema, is a serious condition that would impair vision, damage the cornea.
In some cases there may be an abnormal pressure within the eyeball (glaucoma)

Self-care at home:

- Place the pieces of ice or cold as the area around the eye and press gently from 10 to 15 minutes. Beware of pressure on the eye itself. Cold eye in this way as soon as possible after the injury to reduce swelling for 24 to 48 hours
- Make sure there is no blood in the whites of the eyes or parts of color

Medical aid for bruises:

Stormily immediately to the doctor that I had: -
- Vision problems (double vision or blurry)
- Severe pain in the eye or nose.
- Constant headaches
- Loss of consciousness
- Inability to move the eye
- Exit the blood or fluids from the nose or ear
- Exit the blood of the same surface of the eye

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