Obesity (Medical Consultation required)

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Obesity (Medical Consultation required)

Condition characterized by excessive fat deposition, which are widely distributed in various tissues of the body fat, resulting in very significant overweight.

Obesity results from an individual - like any overweight - an imbalance between their daily dietary energy intake and energy expenditure related to the physiological activity of his body and his physical activities. Made too many calories and too little spent. Result: The body then stores a portion of the surplus that leads gradually that excess body fat distributed throughout the body.

It is linked - in most cases - without any pathology that could be the direct cause: Cushing's disease, hypothyroidism, etc.., A binge eating coupled with a lack of exercise, but many other factors may also intervene promoting or enhancing the imbalance, including:
• Genetics: even if the existence of an obesity gene in humans seems increasingly unlikely,
the latest research in this area have confirmed the weight of heredity and increased knowledge
the role of certain genes, including gene "Ob", producer of leptin, a hormone key in the
weight regulation, it would be more a response of some genes in the environment that would
• constitutional: it is possible to have a metabolism known as "slow" or "fast" - is a reality recognized
scientifically: the "fast" allows someone to eat a lot of staying thin, which makes
more fragile in times of famine, unlike a person with a metabolic "slow", which itself will
grow easily and quickly by storing fat with better opportunities for survival
period of food crisis, the ability to store - or not - the fat is also linked, in part,
our genetic heritage.
• Cultural and social family food: it is often true that the family and social environment in which a
child is raised often transfer the bad habits that will generate or contribute
greatly his obesity;
• Hormonal: including youth and women;
• neuro-psychic temperament anxious, neurotic states, some emotional imbalances and / or
aggravated by emotional stress or significant regular frustration can trigger the desire
irresistible absorb food "countervailing" which are often - and more - very rich sweets
• taking certain medications, chemotherapy, including steroids and psychotropic
occupy the places of honor;
• lifestyle:
- Fast food (fast food);
- Physical inactivity and abuse of passive entertainment such as television;
- Smoking cessation among heavy smokers.

This multitude of factors may be more intricate, explains that there is not a disease "obesity," but only in obese, and that there can be no standard treatment, but knowing that, whatever their "mesh", the diet remains the common denominator unavoidable, it should be rationniel, reasonable and appropriate to each individual according to the same factors which are unique.

Obesity an individual can not be judged solely by its weight because in it, besides fat, are also involved water, bones and muscles. A second parameter is therefore essential, it is the BMI (Body Mass Index) or, in English BMI (Body Mass Index) to better identify the unique importance of body fat. It is routinely used in recent years by nutrition experts to assess the health hazards of any overweight in general but especially obesity. It identifies the build of the person and determine the severity on a scale of morbid risks it may entail - including metabolic and vascular diseases - knowing that it does not apply to infants, children, Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, the seriously ill, athletes and adults over 65 years. It is calculated by dividing the number of kilograms by height in meters squared and evaluated in kg per square meter using the formula: BMI = weight (kg) / height (m) 2 which is between 18.5 and 25 kg/m2 for normal weight.

Example for a man measuring 1 m 78 and weighing 70 kg:

BMI = 70: 1.78 x 1.78 (2.1684) = 22.1 kg/m2, a figure that falls within the normal range.

Here are the numbers to find out your BMI in the range of risks associated with your weight:
- Between 18.5 and 25 normal weight Decreased risk
- Between 25 and 30 overweight (pre-obesity) increased risk
- Between 30 and 35 High Risk Moderate obesity
- Between 35 and 40 Severe obesity Very high risk
- Above 40 Obese very severe (morbid) Extremely high risk

The problem of obesity in our society of consumption is reaching worrying proportions and becomes a very "big" problem in some countries, particularly the United States (whose population is currently over 30% obese), which now considered as a social scourge No. 1 because of the many unhealthy and serious consequences associated with it (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, blindness, joint diseases, etc..) but also in France today where obesity progressing at a rapid pace in recent years, particularly among children with 10% of small (s) French (es) obese before age 10! ...

As for the overweight, including obesity that is threatening when there is no miracle cure out a diet tailored to each case, because as says Dr. Creff - large specialist question - in his book "The extra pounds" (Editions Robert Laffont): There is no obesity,
there are only obese. While it is a condition where the doctor-patient relationship is essential to obtain good results, it's that one. An obese should be followed medically, nutritionally helped and supported psychologically. Without such a therapeutic tripod, which simultaneously attack all "fronts", it is very rare to win this difficult battle. So do not be lulled by the siren song of advertising touting the product as "extraordinary" such rules "unprecedented", as method "revolutionary" as recipe "infallible" forcefully baseless arguments and clever fake photographs. All these ads are regularly organized in the press, in common with the ease and lack of discipline on food, have a single goal: to make a significant profit, easy and fastest way possible, on the back of unfortunate people ready to believe anything to lose or less of the huge excess weight complicates both their lives. Do not fall into these panels are only mirages in the landscape of our consumer society whose sole value is profit! ...

Reducing obesity is - as for overweight less important - on a simple equation absolutely essential biologically: a decrease in caloric intake with food is essential to avoid relearning a rapid relapse - coupled with increased energy expenditure in order to obtain a negative energy balance. It all adds up and can not get out of there. To fix ideas, a simple deficit of 500 kcal per day - not too difficult - equivalent to a loss of adipose tissue of about 2 kilos per month, almost 25 kilograms in the year, which did is still not there! ...

Do not expect to find here a "magic bullet" that will allow you to lose your "extra pounds" without having to correct your mistakes food - almost always the source of your obesity - and without any personal. For know this well, there is no cure, it was natural, may make you lose weight without jeopardizing your diet, and it always involves a certain amount of will, a minimum of personal engagement, without which you will not lose an ounce or so very fleeting. By cons, we can assure you that if you follow our advice, you lose enough weight - no problem for your health - to feel better and it will remain stable thereafter to the extent, of course, where you hold the Good eating habits are essential to maintaining this result.

Keep always in mind especially that of disordered systems, irrational and maladaptive almost always aggravate obesity.

Given what we have said - namely, that each requires a specific treatment obese - we will give here the basic advice of what you do and not do.

Calculate your ideal weight and your body mass index

This calculation will tell you - failing to reach it - how much weight you need to tender and
risk area in which you place the importance of your obesity. Click here to proceed easily
these two calculations.

Also, set your weight curve for the duration of treatment by weighing yourself a
once a week - is more than enough, but always in the same conditions: the same
Balance at the same time (preferably in the morning at sunrise after going to toilet) and with the same

Lifestyle modifications

- What do you need not do:

Here are five major adhere strictly prohibited if you want to avoid many problems:

1) Make a strict salt-free diet, unless another disease associated with your overweight
warrants (eg heart disease).
2) Taking diuretics, which are totally unnecessary and, moreover, potentially more
hazardous to your health.
3) Take anti-thyroid, which have absolutely no place in a slimming,
unless, again, a pathology of this gland requires.
4) Take anorectics - "cut-appetites" - except in very special place, so giving
imperatives for prescription and medical supervision.
5) "Snack" between meals (biscuits, sweets, chocolate and chocolate bars, etc..) And
especially the "snacks" (crackers, peanuts, cashews, etc..) which are
caloric intake is very important in a small volume. Click here to view some values
Small calorie snacks usual, you may be surprised (e)! ...
Keep in mind that these are all "small calorie" - not needed - added
in the course of a day outside of meals that are gradually without you have
really aware, the "big pounds" that you have overpaid. If you really need you
put something in the tooth to satisfy your "oral", just chewing chewing
sugarless gum as it exists in many today.

Childhood obesity

- What you do:

Diet. This is the central pillar of the treatment of obesity and the only therapeutic
effective. But beware, do not choose one of these schemes concocted by regular intervals
authors of publicity and praised in magazines for quite a sensation in copy. They are all more or
prove unbalanced, sometimes even downright dangerous, and always ephemeral results. By cons, we
strongly recommend you consult a nutritionist or (e) dietitian (do) you prepare a
diet tailor-made based on various factors that determine your obesity, knowing
however, on the merits, it must always meet the following criteria:

1) First, always choose a preferred plan that will make you lose little by little, "soft"
with weight loss slow and steady. The dieting is harmful because unbalanced, in addition,
after a dramatic weight drop, then the lost pounds are often taken up with some in
extra! ... Nothing to lose weight is if you regrossir then.
We recommend, for us not to lose more than 2 to 3 kilos per month on a medium term
June-December months, depending on the size of your obesity, knowing that by applying the simple measures
below, the loss of the first month will probably be higher.
In Case of Emergency ", a plan for faster results can be adopted under the strict supervision of a
nutritionist or (e) dietitian (not) provided it is brief and followed consistently from one
New balanced diet suited to your needs. The most important criterion for plan
to lose weight is good way to lose fat and only fat, which means
found in your water supply, salt, calcium and magnesium, protein,
vitamins, trace elements and few calories. Both are wrong ways to lose weight by losing
water (reduced water ration and / or diuretics) and / or losing proteins,
that is to say, the muscle (by reduction of dietary protein and / or taking thyroid extract).

2) Next, pass - with the help and advice of a nutritionist or (e) dietitian (do) - to
new dietary rules easy to follow and will fit easily into your diet
usual food to become new "habits". A diet too different from your
habits, or too draconian, and never lasts long when you return, after having abandoned,
not only lost the pounds so dearly, but one or two better.

3) Finally, follow systematically, whatever the system adopted, the recommendations are:

• Drink water, still water, still water! ... At least two liters per day, but
only between meals and no more drinking, eating what it is (do you put
more glass table, which is the best way not to drink while eating). Water is
excellent natural diuretic that will allow you to drain your body and flushing out waste
metabolic whose accumulation plays a role in weight gain ups. You
can also take some of the ration of water - sometimes a little monotonous to drink - in the form
tea (3-4 cups spread throughout the day between meals and not after 17 H for persons
difficulty falling asleep) with diuretic properties will improve even further the excretion
urinary drainage of toxins.
However, do not drink a drop of alcohol in any form (click here to see the content
calorie main liquor you have no idea probably not wealth)
However, knowing that half a glass of good wine from time to time for the pleasure of accompanying taste
or usability is permitted without causing problems in the outcome.
Refrain also widely available soft drinks and consumed today (especially
children) who are major providers of carbohydrate calories useless (click here to see
the wealth of the most commonly consumed calories).
These simple measures - abundant water intake between meals with total abstention from alcohol and
soft drinks - you will already lose themselves two to three kilos (sometimes more) in three or
four weeks without any special dietary restrictions.

• Take at least three meals per day without ever skipping a - with breakfast
relatively rich and fairly light dinner - a long while chewing your food, so you
will eat more slowly and, consequently, eat a little less, where tens of
daily calories in less that in the end result in an additional kilogram lost. There is
imperative to take time to eat. Meals must be "time slots" privileged
leading to good physical and mental relaxation, essential for proper digestion and a
perfect assimilation of foods without which the body will often respond by functional disorders
that promote or exacerbate the problems of obesity.

• Slightly loosen the salt (which gives more appetite and promotes water retention). Decrease
significantly bread, fatty foods (especially attention to hidden fats in many foods
industrial), flour, starch, sugar and products - or culinary preparations - which
contain it in quantity (including ice, they by cons must be fully
removed because, for the same sweet taste, they make twice as much sugar and thus two
times more calories). To the extent that you can hardly do without the sweet taste, you can
replace sugar with aspartame (synthetic product combining two amino acids necessary
good balance in our daily food, specializing in various brand names and very
easy to find today in the traditional commercial channels) that does virtually no
Cal with a sweet taste almost identical.
Attention to all the foods mentioned above, we say, not decrease remove
(Except for ice).

• Eat as a starter, at every meal, salad greens (endive, watercress, lettuce, corn salad, dandelion,
escarole, etc..) that give the impression of having a full stomach without providing many
calories as well as vegetables and fruits - which they do not make you fat - choose
in the following lists that include the easiest to find and consume:
- For the vegetables: artichokes, asparagus, eggplant, beetroot, chard, carrot, celery, red cabbage
or green, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, zucchini, endive, spinach, fennel, green beans,
leeks, turnips, onions, sorrel, leeks, peppers, radishes;
- For fruit: apricot, pineapple, tangerine, melon, orange, grapefruit (no sugar of course),
watermelon, peach, pear, apple, plum and tomato.
These vegetables and fruits are, of course, replacing others and not in addition.

• Adopt good practice to never return to any dish, except for rare exceptions where the
politeness vis-à-vis the hostess specifically required.

• Do not be constipated (e). If so, put out the cheap natural
always avoiding laxatives irritate the intestinal mucosa. There are many very effective
you can find by clicking on "Constipation".

• Finally, one last point that needs to be clearly specified as it still often ready to serious
many misunderstandings and disappointments. You should be aware that the frantic gymnastics or
practice of any sport has never been excessively thin person. Want to lose weight
in this way without a restrictive diet is a view of the mind. So, needless to "sweat blood
water "in that hope. A report that someone still practicing sports regularly - so
more robust - will have a higher metabolism at rest and burn some extra calories,
thus promoting weight loss slightly.

However, a sport little and often is strongly recommended for the duration
a weight loss program because it is very useful to alleviate muscle relaxation and
skin resulting from weight loss, and possibly in addition to this activity, some
massages. So choose a physical activity and gentle little tiring - according
your tastes and your opportunities: gymnastics adapted, walking, cycling, swimming, golf, etc.. - Able
prevent this problem, in combination with various small activities to practice within your
daily tasks - we have named "integrated gymnastics" - which allow you to burn
many small extra calories without realizing it, for example:
- In never missing an opportunity to walk (take the stairs instead of the elevator for two or
three floors to his legs - or his bike - rather than his race car for a few
hundreds of meters, parking in short distance from his place of work to finish the journey on foot,
rise steadily from its headquarters a few minutes every hour to walk a few steps, etc.).
- While standing rather than sitting for phone, ironing, etc..
- By passing electrical appliances whenever the muscles may be enough to tinker, to
sawing wood, gardening, etc..
These sports activities and domestic avoid thinning your balance does not end by
the "thin ply" which on a purely aesthetic, not much better than "beads
rounded "! ...
A good weight loss program must avoid the trap at all costs to replace a disgraced by another.
The number of pounds lost on the scale is not enough to crown it with success, it is still necessary that the
figure it is really improved.

Natural Therapeutics

Here are natural therapies that you can take to help you cope better
physically and mentally your diet and this important change in eating habits,
compensate for possible deficiencies in essential nutrients small (amino acids, minerals and trace
elements, vitamins, etc..) knowing that any diseases already linked to your obesity (diabetes
fat, hyperuricemia and gout, hypertension, heart problems, etc..) should continue to be
treated with medications prescribed elsewhere. This treatment is followed until the
expected weight with your doctor, nutritionist or diététitien (do).

1) Against the fatigue and stress:

• Pollen of flowers as a cure continues with 2 tablespoons of pellets diluted in a natural
large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice starting breakfast.

• Magnesium treatment continues at a daily dose of 300 mg of magnesium ion (or, for example, 8
400 mg of magnesium lactate which there are many specialties in pharmacy) to swallow
in two doses morning and evening meals with a little water.

• Ginseng and Royal Jelly in regular alternating courses of 45 days each, as follows:
- For Ginseng: 3 g of total powder or 600 mg of dried extract in capsules taken divided into two
swallowed with a glass of water, 1.5 g the first thing in the morning and the second 1.5 g half hour
before lunch;
- For royal jelly: 1.2 g fresh form sublingually or 400 mg lyophilized
capsules to swallow with a glass of water - in both cases in a single dose in the morning fasting.

2) Against the nervousness and irritability:

• Drink morning, noon and evening, after meals, a decoction, infusion herbal sedative and
Antispasmodics: Santana N9 * (pour a teaspoon of mixture into well-rounded value
a bowl of cold water, bring to boil a few seconds and let steep 5-6 minutes before

3) Against the neuro-vegetative dystonia:

• Take an overnight fast by two doses of sublingual oligo-elements:
- Manganese-Cobalt daily;
- Zinc-Copper on Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
- Potassium Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays;
throughout the duration of the plan and a little beyond.


Make an annual cure for three weeks for at least three consecutive years to obtain
best possible stabilization in one of the many spas that specialize in diseases
metabolic obesity in general and in particular (see the list by clicking on "Cures" - Section
"Metabolic Sphere"), especially in BRIDES-LES-BAINS Savoy is the most reputed
field. Number of obese people had their lives radically changed through such treatments. Then
why not you?

As you can see, the treatment we offer nothing very dramatic and does not use any fad diet in the name "snoring" often disappointing. It relies solely on common sense in full agreement with the medical and dietary data recognized today by the best specialists in the field to be most effective. Only then you will overcome your obesity gradually, giving you ample time and means good food, with the advice of a nutritionist potential or (e) dietitian (do) to help you develop the diet works best for you to maintain your best weight permanently and you learn not to - or more - grow (see the bases of what you do on this plan by clicking here).

It is a choice to make. He does not want to lose weight by buying words and deeds ineffective, he must really want and act accordingly. So if you're really motivated (e), no doubt you will make the right choice by following our advice and treatment.

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