Menopausal (Medical advice recommended)

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Menopausal (Medical advice recommended)


Disturbances occurring at the time of menopause that occur mainly hot flashes, irritability, depressed mood, anxiety, and various other disorders: asthenia, headache, weight gain, etc..

For centuries, the menopause has been a kind of "late career" for women. Born to give birth to her children and raise them, it was no longer regarded the same way again after this fateful stage. Moreover, in some societies it was then a new status, a different dignity, which gave him suddenly, a voice and made it the equal of man.

Today, things have changed. Life expectancy has increased significantly and the place of women in Western societies has changed dramatically, and continues to evolve very actively. These changes result for him in any other way to live the life stages of physiological and especially the stage of menopause.

Indeed, at present, a woman of fifty years is not only far from being an old woman, but it is often the age when many of them - once children raised - enter a "second life "with new personal, professional, etc.. without giving up their womanhood in general and in particular their feminine charm.

In this context, menopause often occurs as an event "premature" and that "late" arriving at an age when a woman is still considered young is often poorly lived, especially as this is accompanied by physiological stage of temporarily a number of disorders painful to bear: irritability, hot flashes, depression, anxiety, etc..

To pass this "critical period" of the fifties and serenely through this difficult, we believe it is grossly excessive and unnecessary use - but absolute medical necessity - a chemical treatment "hard" (hormonal or other). Indeed, if the woman is healthy, she is quite capable, with adequate physiologic support to adapt without any problems with this new biological situation, especially since it is temporary disturbances spontaneous regression.

The ideal is therefore in our view, to implement an effective treatment for mild, not aggressive, which will be no side effect which is the case of some natural therapies. Thus, some rules associated lifestyle modifications essential to carefully chosen herbal treatment - including ginseng - are sufficient in most cases to quickly find a good balance. Know also the United States, Dr. Atkins (world renowned) handled during menopause for many years, with 80% of excellent results by simply using ginseng in combination with vitamin E and breakfast appropriate diet.

Before discussing the best natural therapies for menopause symptoms it seems useful to remind you - or teach you - very briefly what it is and what it causes.

What is menopause?

Familiarly called the "change of life," menopause is simply the end of the menstrual function. This depletion of the stock of eggs - diced contained his birth in a woman's ovaries - which results in arrest of secretion of sex hormones and the cessation of ovarian activity, stop after which there is neither ovulation or menstrual bleeding. This is a natural physiological phenomenon of aging that affects all women between 45 and 50 years on average.

The arrest of ovarian function has two major consequences:
- One positive, as experienced as a liberation by a large majority of women is the cessation of
ovulation and, hence, the impossibility of any pregnancy;
- The other more negative as responsible for a number of troublesome problems is the cessation of
estrogen production.

It should also be noted that, in general, this decision is not brutal but it is spread over several months to a year and longer period, which is what we call pre-menopause, characterized mainly menstrual disorders (irregular and abnormal in length and abundance) due to the disappearance of progesterone and estrogen secretion instability. These menstrual disorders should lead to careful medical supervision so as not to miss a medical or surgical pathology underlying concomitant, it would imply an early appropriate treatment.

Finally, after the menopausal period itself is what is called post-menopausal woman who presents two major problems: a softening of the bones (osteoporosis) with fractures of the risks arising therefrom, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

What are the troubles of menopause?

Without being an actual disease, menopause causes many inconveniences - linked to hormonal disturbances mentioned above - that should not be overlooked. We mention here
most frequently encountered, with the understanding that they are not necessarily all present at the same time
and can occur at varying intensity depending on each individual.

- Hot flashes: These are the most constant manifestations. Sudden sensations
transient heat affecting mainly the face and upper body, followed by profuse sweating and
chills. They had thirty seconds to several minutes and may recur several times in the
day and at night. Their unpredictability and uncontrollable discomfort is significant:
• on the physical unpleasantness of the sensation and insomnia when they occur during the
• On the psychological level: constant reminder of this "critical period";
• On the professional level: major handicap in the performance of certain activities.

- The psychological disorders of mood: They are most often characterized by irritability,
a depressive tendency sometimes with anxiety, and impaired memory.

- Other disorders more or less common: Headache (headache), a state of fatigue or more
less pronounced, with bodily changes tend to gain weight, dry
mucous membranes, skin thinning, and certain circulatory disorders.

If you're one of millions of women face each year to these disorders, know that natural solutions are simple, easy to implement and very efficient which will disappear as soon as possible. Here is the treatment we offer so that your menopause "occurs smoothly" ... It is based on some rules and basic lifestyle modifications on certain plants proven that we will now detail.

Natural Treatment of Menopause

We discussed here the natural treatment of menopause disorders installed with conventional

Rules lifestyle modifications

1) Some psychological preparation is necessary: the same way that helps a young
teenager to understand the onset of menstruation and prepare for this new stage that represents the
Menopause requires thought and attention. It is essential that women understand that it addresses is a
new phase of her life she physiological and do so without fear. Menopause is more
effect today synonymous with old age. I wish that we be clear: we do not seek
Saying this, go to the heart glad those who will approach this period with their mothers - a
another generation - may have passed through difficult and, therefore, have left in their memories
bad memories generating anxiety. We just want the contrary, convincing - which
corresponds to the reality of today - a woman of fifty years is still young, and with this
step is simply a new phase of life that opens to them.

2) The reflection that every woman should carry in his way, possibly with the help of a psychotherapist,
be accompanied by a perfectly balanced diet in reducing overall
meat substitute for many vegetables and fresh fruit (apple and lettuce in particular)
emphasis on making soy as "soy milk", to prepare instant soups, oil
soybeans to salads or raw vegetables, and avoiding any excess alcohol and tobacco (general harmful
but even more during this period).

3) Finally, regular physical activity is absolutely necessary: walking more often
possible during the day, gentle exercise two or three times a week, practice a
Sports typical weekly swimming, cycling, golf or any sport of your choice provided it is

Natural Therapeutics

• Ginseng: The root of ginseng powder - whose multiple therapeutic actions known since
more than 4,000 years in the Far East are now confirmed by numerous works
pharmacological, experimental and clinical - is very effective during the menopause with
its anti-fatigue and anti-stress and rebalancing its properties on a neuro-hormonal
and revitalizing the entire body.

Presented most often in the form of capsules, the powder that contains the total plant of the totum
plant should be taken in doses vary with weight:
- For a woman whose weight is between 45 and 55 kg: 1 g daily in a single dose in the morning
- A woman whose weight exceeds 55 kg: 1.50 g per day in two doses, one of 1 g in the morning
fasting and the other 0.50 g half-hour before lunch.

The average duration of treatment is three months, but may be pursued - if necessary - two or three
more months without any problem.

The initial effects usually appear after 2 weeks and he should continue
treatment for at least one month after the symptoms disappear and more particularly
complete disappearance of hot flashes.

Finally, we must monitor the weight once a week throughout the duration of treatment. If
modification occurs and is in the desired direction: to maintain the same dose. If, cons, this
weight change is not desired: increasing the dose of 500 mg for weight gain
Junk and decrease 250 mg for a loss of unwanted weight.

The results are often excellent with a fairly rapid disappearance of hot flashes (or
a significant reduction in frequency and intensity) with the addition, a much better experience in terms

• Sage: This "sacred herb" Roman has many pharmacological properties,
now recognized, including a hormonal type of estrogen (linked to polyphenol
flavonoids, which are within its composition) which sage "plant estrogens" par excellence,
and actions antispasmodic, tonic, and stimulating, which are valuable in the fight against
disorders that concern us here.

It uses total micronized powder capsules at the rate of 1.50 to 2 g per day according to weight, or
solids (misting) at a rate of 300-400 mg, taken morning and evening after meals.

The average duration of treatment is two months.

• Herbal sedative: To fight against a certain nervousness or anxiety, rather than taking
"Tranquilizers" (not always well tolerated because of side effects and risk
habituation), we recommend taking one of these three plants sedative and very effective
admirably supported: Hawthorn (especially if there are palpitations), passionflower (especially
in cases of insomnia), or valerian for several weeks.

They can be taken as infusions, but easier and more efficient form
Total powder capsules at doses that are between 1.50 and 3 g per day taken in three
taken (morning, noon and evening) before meals. There are specialty pharmaceutical associate to
adequate doses in different formats, such as a liquid (eg
* Neuroflorine, pharmacy) that is added to an infusion sedative (lime or orange) with a sweet
bit of liquid honey.

• The seaweed baths: They are not essential but are a useful complement. Take between
32 and 37 ° C for 15-30 minutes or less, every other night before dinner three months of treatment
(See our factsheet "Seaweed" - Seaweed Baths).

Today there are many presentations of seaweed baths, distributed both in the circuit
the pharmaceutical diet, and you'll have no trouble finding one that suits you best.

Note that in case of treatment failure after three months - which is rare but can still
happen - you can renew the same for another similar period but
ginseng substitute another plant that is also often effective in disorders
of menopause: the Black cohosh (see dosage and prescription procedures by clicking on:

We would be very surprised that this treatment does not bring the desired results. But if that were the case, which can always happen, we tend to attribute this failure to a psychological cause due to a lack of confidence in this type of therapy. You know, of course, the famous "placebo effect". Well it can also play in reverse ... If you are absolutely convinced that this treatment does not work and you will only therapy based on hormones and tranquilizers will overcome your discomfort, you may, of course, by the internal resistance that you have, to compromise its results . Yet even in such cases, and as "in spite of you", these natural products from our Pharmacy you have done well on many levels.

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