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Blood pressure not associated with cholesterol


A new study confirms the Centre for Medical Research in the Czech capital Prague that high blood pressure do not necessarily linked automatically with the increase in the proportion of LDL cholesterol in the blood, and many other reasons may be behind the rise in pressure. According to the study that there is no evidence so far that eating salt is one of those reasons.

According to this study, the level of blood pressure is 140/90 is customary, this is also inaccurate, considering that to be true when the pressure is less than 120/80, and is high when it comes to 130/90.

Does not mean that ordinary people be uninfected blood pressure in normal levels, which increased the pressure rises with age, or with the use of drugs or as a result of stress or alcohol intake.

Another factor for the high pressure so-called "white dress", where people exist in a team medical injury resulting in a situation of such tension rises with the pressure in my time.

To Oboslava Vartova

High cholesterol

Said Dr. Oboslava Vartova head of diagnostic procedure in a hospital Nafranteshko center of Prague as a result of this study for the diagnosis of hundreds of cases, especially those with a high proportion of LDL cholesterol, which have no record of cases of high pressure continuously. This corresponds to that there are cases from the start until the age of 15 years and the causes of genetic or have registered satisfactory compression ratios are high.

The Vartova of the island revealed that the rate of pressure measurement vary between individuals and the nature of their illness, for example, the proportion of 140/90 high figure for the lower (here 90) in excess of ten points for the normal limit (80), this means an increase of blood pressure, the figure is the upper could be as high in the elderly, to 170/80, which is natural can not be considered high.

The pressure should be measured every two months time if he came to 140/90 every month once if reached 170/100, and should consult a doctor immediately if the 180/110. The lower figure is a factor of extraversion, namely, that the level of blood pressure in the heart of silence between each pulse and the other, which is the index upon which the doctor in an accurate diagnosis.

Back pressure
And draws Vartova out that in the study also found that more than 20 A global search did not reach a decisive conclusion on the impact of salt on the ordinary people to raise their pressure.

She added, "We recommend that doctors and prevent patients who have a high pressure salt intake because it increases the status of blood pressure for sure," or at least does not help the pressure had returned to normal. For example, exaggerated Asian population - such as Japan and China - in salt intake without registration records in the proportions of high pressure.
Advises Vartova people who have high blood pressure and chronic to review the way they live and work for the organization through regular exercise and a lot of walking daily for 60 minutes, which regulates the pressure with the control of body weight and attention to healthy eating such as eating vegetables and fish twice a week.
Also advised to keep away from sources of pressure towards the poor such as the rise of tension and increase the weight and drinking alcohol, smoking, fatigue, and control to control the constant stress, which destroys arteries through the exercise of comfort and calm in the solution of problems disturbing.

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