Definition of nasopharyngeal cancer:

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Definition of nasopharyngeal cancer:

Is the abnormal growth and uncontrolled by the cells lining the pharynx nasal (which is a cavity located in the back of the nasal cavity and toggle between the nasal cavity and the end cavity, oral and job delivery of the air entering through the nose to the upper parts of the respiratory system in the process of inhalation and vice versa in the process of exhale). This growth leads to obstruction of the lumen and then moving to the nearby parts of the membranes and then moving through the lymph glands in the neck, sometimes spreading tumor in various organs of the body especially the bones and liver.

1. Headache.
2. Change in vision.
3. Obstruction in the nose.
4. Bleeding from the nose.
5. Numbness in the face.
6. Pain in the neck.
And not necessarily that the patient complains of all of these symptoms, but in most cases, the complaint is a concise presentation or presentations. It is also important that these symptoms may also appear in cases of inflammation of the pharynx or tonsils.

Causes: no specific reason but smoking and alcohol of the main reasons related to this kind of cancer.

1. Action-ray scan of the head and neck.
2. Sampling of the lining of the nasal pharynx.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention if it were possible to eradicate the infected part.
2. Chemotherapy.
3. Radiotherapy.
4. Should also consult the dentist if necessary, take any precautions.

Prevention: There is no methods for preventing it, but refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol contributes to reduce the incidence.

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