Why back pain affects women

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Why back pain affects women

Best Back Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Recent studies have shown that the female complaint of back pain complaints more than men, and experts stressed that the reason is not due only to stress, there are factors other than the common cause further back pain in women.

Dr. Al-Sayed Abdel-Moneim, physiotherapist, hospital, Cairo University, that women are more vulnerable to mental disorders, leading to her pain back psychological, as they are subject to disease, "osteoporosis" by halting the production of estrogen from the ovary, which is responsible for the resistance they bone.

Women are also subjected to some trouble for PMS, has been observed that females suffer from back pain before the date of the menstrual cycle due to increased estrogen, which leads to the detention of an excessive amount of salt and water body, including breast, cartilage, brain tissue, causing it to complain about back pain, congestion of the uterus and also in this period leads to this pain.

Dr. Al-Sayed Abdel-Moneim said it should be for women to reduce the intake of salt and fluid during this period, and increase the intake of vegetables, which help rid the body of excess water, such as .. (Romaine lettuce, celery, cabbage).

He added that stomach ulcers lead to pain mid back, and this pain much after eating fatty meals or clients.

The heart attacks cause chest pain may spread to other parts such as arms, the patient may feel in the back, in addition to infections, gall bladder, kidneys, leading to the same pain.
He also pointed out that Mr. Abdel Moneim Alzartzdad pain in pregnant women in the last three months of pregnancy to intrauterine pressure filled with baby on the bottom of the spine and the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

To rid yourself of back pain .. Drink curry
Washington - It is known that herbs and spices to give flavor and taste and smell the wonderful food, and the fact that these herbs are very beneficial to health, and this has been demonstrated in a U.S. researcher that the use of herbs and spices with a little sugar, salt and fat can help improve the health and flavor of food.

According to Dr. Suzanna Zick, in the naturopathic physician and researcher at the University of Michigan as reported by the Arabs that the use of fresh garlic can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. She pointed out that to get the maximum benefit you have to eat three cloves of garlic per day.
Have shown that garlic or dry, which leaves some time after the peel lose their healthy benefits.
The Anti-Aging recommends addressing the rosemary, the most powerful natural antioxidants, is also believed that strengthens memory. She added that there Zec research currently under way on the characteristics of rosemary, which can protect against cancer.

As stated Zec to treat backache Drink curry, where research showed that it has the characteristics of anti-inflammatory, and that article in the curry function similar to that found in the anti-steroid drugs treat infections

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