Almolinia "Candida"

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Almolinia "Candida"

Mushroom Monilla live in the mouth and intestines and vagina in normal individuals without causing symptoms, a family of bacteria opportunistic

If you find the reasons put up for the child or the body's resistance weakened tissue and later attacked the symptoms which affects the skin and mucous membranes

Such as the mouth and vagina and sometimes the internal organs such as the lungs and intestines.


The disease affects children and adults alike, in children may appear as white patches on the surface of the tongue or the membrane

Mucosa of the mouth as it may affect the skin in children, especially in the bends and the Alkafullp.

In adults it may involve the skin, especially in the intertriginous zones in women under the armpits and under the breasts and thighs as it may

Cause discharge from the vagina accompanied by severe itching as a result of infection in this region.

This particular type of fungus is most likely to occur among patients with diabetes and sometimes during pregnancy.

It helps the occurrence of this disease and its spread, humidity, and storage of race as it may affect the nails and surrounding tissues, women

Women using soap and water for long periods are more vulnerable to this type of injury where the disease appears in the form of inflammation around the nails

Accompanied by swelling, redness, pain, and when the pressure on both sides of the affected nail out small quantities of pus from the affected nail it loses its luster

And shall be liable for the bombing.

When this fungus infection of the skin, the infection in the form of red patches specific edge with the emergence of small vesicles or blisters on the edge

Disease and extends gradually and if neglected treatment it may spread to cover large areas of the skin.


Configured to avoid the causes of the disease by using soap and water - in the narrowest bounds and keep the skin dry as much as possible

And treatment of diabetes - Touching Gansiana 1.5%.

- Antifungal Nystatin, the most important compound that affects the fungus in particular, and use powder is sprayed on the part of

Injured or in the form of ointment or suppository to the vagina or given by mouth to cleanse the bowel in case of illness.

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