Shrimp and ginger to focus for creativity

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Shrimp and ginger to focus for creativity

Proper nutrition play an important role in raising the focus and attention especially on the eve of exams last school year and to overcome the suffering of the students a sense of laziness and a tendency to sleep or dispersion, and forgetfulness, lack of focus there certain foods that may help the
D. Hoda Zaki Ahmed consultative psychological diseases, school health, spoke of "Al Ahram" and advised not to eat of the food also prefer to stay away from eating so full of fat, so as not to take a long time in digestion because the blood is then Mottagamaa on the bowel to complete the absorption of food does not reach to the brain adequate amount of blood in order to function efficiently as required and this deals with the feel of a large amount of food fat and decay or lazy.

It also advises eat foods rich in phosphorus, such as fish, shrimp and marine animals, and eat dairy products because it is rich in calcium needed for healthy nerves and the necessity of eating fresh fruits and vegetables Kalkhos and carrots because they contain vitamins useful for brain cells to the interest in addressing the sugar fresh as honey, white or black because the brain needs the work to sugars, fresh and not stored in the body condition to stay away from sweets East Kalpsposp and Kenafa, Algelash and others to contain a large proportion of fat, and for the drinks would not mind a cup or two of tea throughout the day, but star anise should not be consumed with the beginning of the consultation because it leads to a sense of relaxation and would prefer to eat just before going to sleep and vice versa with tea and coffee.

There are also foods that can strengthen the ability of students to attention and creativity and increase their ability to spend long hours studying and learning by Dr. Mona Abdel-Latif Consultant Internal Medicine and Nutrition, says that the most important of these foods, shrimp, which provides the body omega-3 fatty acids useful prolong the ability to pay attention very well.

And onions, which tells us when we are under the pressure of my mind and the two very long as it thins the blood former would receive brain oxygen better and nuts such as walnut and peanut, peanuts, all of which strengthens the nerves and increase attention by stimulating nerve cells necessary to obtain information.

The ginger materials which make up the help to access to new ideas, it also helps to alleviate the blood to flow more easily to the brain, allowing the arrival of the largest quantity of oxygen to the brain, as well as the oil vapor that it contains cumin Vthvz nervous to think creator.

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