Vegetables fight cancer

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Vegetables fight cancer

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He said experts from the Institute of Food Research Eating vegetables from the platoon crusade, such as cabbage or cabbage, may protect cancer of the colon.

The experts have found that a chemical called a shortcut Kitts produced during the cooking or eating this kind of vegetables. This article can kill colon cancer cells and stop the spread of the disease.

The scientists said dealing with this sort of vegetables two or three times each week can protect against the disease.

They ensure that the platoon cabbage or cabbage, cauliflower and horseradish.

Professor Ian Johnson commander of the research team, said the findings show how it can be for food to protect against cancer.

Johnson explained: "This is not a cure for cancer Madza, but it shows the extent to which food can be used as medicines."

The results of research in the time when the International Fund for Cancer Research announced plans to undertake the largest study in the world in the food and cancer.

Will be scientists from various countries of the world to review more than ten thousand research as part of the study.

The aim of scientists to have access to evidence is clear on the foods that people should be addressed to protect against cancer and to remove any ambiguity may find some in this regard. It is expected to publish the results of the study in 2006.

It will bring together researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Bristol Information about the different types of cancer like stomach, pancreas, prostate, kidney and bladder. With researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States to collect information on the mouth and throat cancers.

A team of Johns Hopkins University study of lung cancer, with a team in California will examine the cervical cancer.

Scientists in the Netherlands will discuss in cancers of colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, will discuss with scientists from the National Institute for Cancer Research in Italy in the information on breast cancer and ovarian and cervical cancer.

Said Professor Martin Wiseman project manager and scientific advisor and medical support to the International Fund for Cancer Research: "The objective behind this is the disengagement on the relationship between food risk for cancer by issuing a comprehensive report makes recommendations simplified the scientific basis for individuals and policy makers."

He noted Professor Wiseman that the study will provide a clear view about what is the relationship of food of cancer, saying: "Most believe that cancer occurs by chance or due to genes, but that is not true in full. And sometimes collide, a new study results of a previous study it, so it is Natural infection of people confused and frustrated and sometimes indifference. "

He adds, Weizmann said: "So we ask, research centers developed to help us examine all the evidence again."

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