Garlic may be a source of cancer drug fight

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Garlic may be a source of cancer drug fight

Scientists say that the chemical that gives garlic its flavor can be used in "smart bomb" to fight cancer.

This result comes days after the discovery that the same chemical called "Alesen" can be dealt with highly resistant bacteria, "or RSA."

And increases the treatment of cancer of the natural chemical reaction that produces the Mad allicin.

Explains Journal of Cancer Molecular How can a reaction occurs in the tumor sites.

And allicin toxic but unstable break quickly but do not cause any damage when eating.

There is this article in full cloves garlic, but they produce a result of the interaction between two Byukimoi stored in their respective places in each lobe adjacent two Alenasi enzyme and chemical inert normally called "yen."

If the clove is broken, as occurs in cooking disappear membranes that separate the two articles and produces allicin.

Israeli researchers decided to try to restore the production of toxic reactions at the site of the tumor.

The researchers used the antibody for therapeutic purposes has been programmed to recognize the distinctive receptors on the surface of tumor cells.

And moving to the antibody chemically Alalenasi and injected into the blood stream where it is trying to identify the cancer cells.

And then injected material Alalin When faced with Article Alalenasi prevent the reaction resulting from this confrontation molecules Alalin to allicin, which penetrates and kills cancer cells.

Are not affected by nearby healthy cells because it does not attract the antibody.

And use, researchers at the Weizmann Institute in Rihovi the success of this method to retard the growth of stomach tumors in rats.

The researchers say that this method can work with most types of cancer since it is possible to design an antibody can recognize receptors on the surface characteristic of cancer cells.

May prove the success of this approach in the prevention of disease transmission in the wake of the surgery.

Said Professor David Merlman who led the research, "although doctors can not discover where it is transmitted to him the cancer cells to protect themselves can haunt and destroy the antibody and Alalenasi Alalin and anywhere in the body."

Said Sara Hume, director of scientific information in the Institute of Cancer Research UK, told BBC News Online: "private medicine garlic has been known for a long time, and this Preliminary data are encouraging. The challenge now is to develop ways to use them in the fight against the types of tumor cells and eventually adopt this method to be used in the treatment of humans after the clinic for testing. "

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