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Acute skin inflammation characterized by the appearance patches and pink cover the edge of a small cobalt thin and symptoms appear on the trunk and is not often

Irreversible except in a very small proportion of cases.


Original reason for the rosy bran is completely unknown but that, according to the theory it is most likely caused by a virus infection, despite

It is not contagious.


- The emergence of the illness begins with an initial one spot, a spot prognostic, round or oval shape on the chest or back, and usually appears after

Skin rash within a week to two weeks.

- Skin rash is characterized by the appearance of discoloration of the skin round or oval pink and have a slightly elevated edge of the surface of the skin and there are crusts

On the edge and show these spots on the trunk, chest and parallel to the direction of ribs and then gradually less irritation, as well as the crust disappears

Rash completely after 4-8 weeks.

- No disease affects the face and limbs in the usual picture of the disease but there is some reflected affects the face and trunk, while free

Of the rash.

May show the initial spot, which is the forerunner, and then not followed by another appearance of skin rash known as the Rose Balnkhalp is aborted.

- The disease is not associated any disturbances membership only some itching and frequent emergence of this disease in the spring and winter.

- The disease affects females more than males by 2: 1 and frequently at the age of 15-40 years, while rare in children and the elderly.


- There is no reason for treatment, where the situation go away automatically after a period without there being any complications.

- And this should calm and reassure the patient and emphasize that the disease is not contagious the idea that infection is usually concerned about the patient.

- It is possible to give the patient the topical treatment of type, such as soothing and calming lotion Alklamina plus 1% phenol to reduce

Itching as well as antihistamines and cortisone creams can be given topically.

- A type of disease is acute and widespread large parts of the body and in this case can be given a simple dose

Cortisone by mouth.

* Note: the patient must not be exposed for what irritates the skin during a rash such as wearing clothing that contain wool and fiber

Industry directly to the skin and can also use soap, medical soap, such as glycerin so as not to seethes skin chemicals and materials

Aromatic found in regular soap.

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