the lemon

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the lemon

According to the lemon juice with ginger warm to ease sore throat, tonsillitis Cgrgerp if used several times a day .. Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach expels phlegm .. appetizing as it contains B vitamins, riboflavin and 2 to 3, calcium and potassium That's why eating breakfast appetite all day long

Good for the heart ..

Because potassium helps in the lemon pacemaker and useful for patients with kidney and intestine .. It also strengthens the walls of blood vessels .. And prevent bleeding gums .. And useful in circulatory disorders .. Purify the body of toxins .. Assist in the fragmentation of gallstones and kidney stones .. Is sterile and Hdye for small wounds and ease the pain of bee stings and wasp and insect ..

Important: This is used to remove skin spots and wrinkles .. Squeeze a lemon and add to it the same amount of olive oil with a small spoonful of honey and one teaspoon rose small working face mask every day for an hour to 3 hours depending on the situation and then wash skin .. Chewing lemon peel several times a day like the smell of the mouth and serve to remove the offensive odor

Softer skin and hair ..

Lemon peel is good for the body attached .. squeezed lemon with olive oil, and painted by the body .. To reduce costs and freckles mix lemon juice and salt and rubbed its place Freckles several times a day and then painted with sweet almond oil to protect the skin .. For moisturizing hands and feet are painted with a mixture of lemon juice and glycerin and water in equal parts, cologne before going to sleep .. To get rid of foot fungus and semi-Tjeen henna with lemon juice and a little honey and painted before sleeping .. Hair and put lemon juice with shampoo and wash the hair and then wash again shampooed only

Weight Loss ..

Soak a little latency in boiling water with cut lemons and leaves workshops throughout the night and drink in the morning on an empty stomach every day .. useful in degreasing in the buttocks and legs if they added a ginger and was placed on the body for several hours ..

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