Benefits of olive oil

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Benefits of olive oil

The olive tree Olea europaea source of good food and resistance to diseases of plants, juice and olive leaf or its summary or Mshogaha considered as an antibiotic and anti-viruses as strong as they are reinforcing the immune system which protects the body from disease and infection and reduce the symptoms of cold viruses, smallpox and herpes. Securities by the article Oleuropein (polyunsaturated fatty acid) a strong anti-bacterial viruses, parasites and bacteria, yeast and protozoa which may prevent their growth.

Olive oil is prepared from olive fruits era on the cold (so-called oil, virginal), or solvent, and addresses the sensitivity of recurrent and digestive problems, and mild laxative, and addresses the swelling of the lymph nodes, weakness and swollen joints, pain and lack of appetite and sinuses swollen and respiratory problems, especially asthma, ulcers and skin, itching and anxiety and the problems of infection and muscle weakness, and was used by the Greeks to clean wounds and to heal, which is an anti-bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and useful in hemorrhoids and generating light of Paul, for this they eat to treat gout and reduce the sugar in the body, blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and this is useful in the treatment of viral diseases and lupus, hepatitis and AIDS and prostate problems, psoriasis and bladder infection and prepare a summary for this purpose.

Securities by an article Oleuropein effective anti-oxidant and remove the hardening of the arteries and restore vitality to the tissues the presence of vitamin E, and also by the Olive 3 powerful antioxidants hydroxytyrosol, vanillic acid, and verbascoside that benefit in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (arthritis Ialthab).
Deal summary sheets may cause cold-like symptoms because it attacks the cold virus but this situation disappear after a few days with the address, and the fruits of the olive green are unripe and infrastructure are the fruits mature.

Oil contains high levels of unsaturated fat and vitamin E, k and phenols multiple pigment chlorophyll and pheophytin and the sterols and squalene and vehicles gain smell and flavor.
Since olive oil contains the oil-saturated, so it does not oxidize (Iznk) because these oils are composed of acid Oleg oleic acid, which reduces cholesterol, low density LDL-cholesterol harmful and increase the proportion of cholesterol is high density HDL-cholesterol beneficial, and this fat has made the peoples of the sea Mediterranean dealing with plenty of olive oil are not affected cardiovascular disease, also reduces the incidence of breast cancer.

The presence of phenols and vitamin E and other antioxidants prevent oxidation of natural fats and avoid the formation of free radicals Free Radicals that damage cells in the body. The presence of odor and flavor of natural chlorophyll and pheophytin pigment to make oil increases secretions of the stomach and facilitate the absorption of antioxidants that protect tissues from damage. Adequate levels of vitamin E and the highest found in any vegetable oil, for this preserve prevention Toksdh storage.
Olive oil continuously contribute to removing the specter of aging Rights, it contains a lot of acids which are essential to the human body which helps to resist the specter of aging and contribute to the increase in IQ among those who drank down. And olive oil offers the ability to block and disrupt the growth of cancer cells but also contribute to resistance to cancer and works to remove fatty substances from the body, either in blood or muscle fibers of the human person as the olive oil works on the expulsion of cholesterol from the human body.

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