Birth control pills reduce bone density

Publié par happy-diet vendredi 16 juillet 2010

Birth control pills reduce bone density

According to the latest clinical trials that there is a link between the pill and low bone density in young women.

The researchers at the Institute for Health Research in Seattle, reported that women who used oral contraceptives had bone mineral density may have fallen to 2.3%, whereas bone density to have 5.9% compared to women who did not use grain to begin with.

The researchers explained that the evidence is still emerging on this link, but our results indicate that low-dose pills of prevention with long-term use have some effect on bone density.

The researchers stressed that 5% of bone density associated with nearly half in the increased risk of fractures after menopause for women.

It is noteworthy that women who eat no less than 600 mg of calcium per day were able to stem the decline in bone density by up to 2% in less than two years.

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