Cactuses and therapeutic benefits

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Cactuses and therapeutic benefits

A brief history of cacti:

The country of Mexico original home of the cactus plant, where they found evidence in the excavations conducted in the areas of "Puebla" and "Taikan" and dating back to 7000 years, where they found the sites listed above during the excavations, fossils of seeds of cacti as well as fiber cactus stalks in the caves is supposed to be a haven for people.
And introduced the cactuses height of his fame during the civilization Alazitik so he found explorers Spaniards in the writings of the population ancient Mexico, where he is a cactus plant essential element in the Cooked, and they used it in the treatment of many diseases and has occupied the degree of sanctification have entered in their religious rituals, and may was and still part of the culture of the country of Mexico, as well as being today is a symbol of the official logo for this country.

However, he did not know this widespread only during the sixteenth century when it was discovered travelers the world famous Christopher Columbus of the continent of America in 1492, and has attracted the cactuses attention of Spanish explorers who arrived in the country of Mexico, so they brought with them to Spain and attempt to spread to different parts of the globe where cope with the nature of the areas it is grown.
First benefited from the cactus plant after the discovery at the outset are the sailors, explorers, the Ol special attention and great interest when they discovered by accident characteristics of anti-disease "Alosagrebeot" that has left many of the sailors after spending several months to the sea without fruit or vegetables fresh, it was This disease is destroying the lives of sailors at the time, which leads them to conceal this secret therapeutic plant cactus in over a century of nearly a decade, where he was then the secret of the biggest secrets of the state, and thus prevent the export of cacti under some laws to the extent they apply the death penalty against violators of this decision .

Therapeutic benefits of cactus boards:

Was used cacti through civilization Alazitik Mexico in the form of ointment for the treatment of burns, where they were mixing juice cactus water with honey and a white egg, as was the women consume cactus in all its forms (panels cacti and fruit) to be considered tonic and diuretic milk in lactating women, as women were provide disabled boards cactus juice for their children effectively used to treat constipation, and the juice of cactus water boards were used by American Indian veterans-inflammatory and analgesic as well as to expel worms from the intestine, pinworm, and in the treatment of wounds and burns and burning sun.
Boards cactus counter diabetes: We have conducted much research in recent years about the possible effects boards cactus against diabetes, among them a group of research by the doctor famous Mexican "Alberto Fratto" and which underscores the need to boards cactus is a remedy anti diabetes and today is seen as a viable option for the millions who suffer from this disease in the world due to the fact that cacti is less expensive and painful than drugs currently available, due to the containment of cactuses are high in fiber, that helps regulate the absorption of sugar molecules at the level of the intestine, which resulting in a reduction in blood sugar, in addition to that it only benefits people with diabetes who do not depend on insulin treatment.
Boards cactus lowers cholesterol: The availability of the cactus a high proportion of dietary fiber prevents the absorption of fat and thus helps to reduce cholesterol.

Boards cactus help to reduce the weight: The boards cactus of the most effective drugs and treatments for obesity newly discovered, they are considered food Fitness privilege because they inhibit the absorption of sugars and fats while in transit, bowel, and thus prevent the absorption of excess calories in foods rich in calories resulting in a reduction in weight, while others went to deal with cactus on an empty stomach and before meals cut appetite and help full.

Boards cactus useful for the skin: not only the benefits of cactus on health, but to beauty as well, the results of scientific research has proved that the boards cactus considered as one of the most powerful anti-aging skin, as well as being active skin cells and help to restore the glasses, and therefore useful in moisturizing and preventable, In addition to the role of the plant to strengthen the hair.

Boards cactus useful in treating disorders of the digestive system and stomach ulcers: After a number of tests were to ensure that eating cactus useful and beneficial in reducing the acidity and thus it helps in the prevention of stomach ulcers, it activates the bowel function, and addresses some of the cases constipation, so boards cactus juice is a friend of the stomach and intestines, it also helps to avoid the appearance of some cases of cancer of the stomach to provide a high percentage of fiber in addition to the gel that is available for them.

Boards cactus helps blood coagulation during bleeding: The Cactus panels ambulances effective initial help to stop the bloodshed that article (gels), which exist in the cactus makes blood clotting and clot quickly, and that simply placing the cactus wounds, and accelerates healing of full and wounds in addition to being useful in the elimination of the effects and according to some experts, the effect of the cactus is much stronger than material Allbecktin and reliable medicine mainly as an anti-bleeding, permission is a cactus plant par excellence for first aid injuries.

Plates with anti-Cactus tension: some researchers have emphasized the fact that the cactus has a sedative help to combat situations of tension and stress and fatigue in humans, then, is a natural cactus moderator.

Cactus panels protect against atherosclerosis: According to boards cactus in maintaining flexible internal membrane of the arteries, and prevent the deposition of sheets of mind.
Boards cactus useful in treating disorders of the urinary tract: According boards cactus juice and water in particular in the treatment of some cases of urinary tract infection, such as: burning during urination, inflammation of the bladder and ureter.

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