The definition of liver cancer:

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The definition of liver cancer:

Is the growth of abnormal and irregular cells to the liver in case the primary tumor, but if it will be a secondary spread from another member of the body and leading to the liver.

1. Yellowing of the body and the eyeball.
2. Pain in the upper abdomen.
3. Loss of appetite and weight.
4. Nausea and vomiting.
5. Rise in temperature.
6. Feeling tired and idle.

1. Viral hepatitis B or C.
2. Drink alcohol heavily.

1. Work of the CT scan of the abdomen.
2. X-ray magnetic action.
3. Analysis of blood.
4. Examination Paljaleom radioactive It is important to distinguish between tumors and other diseases that may affect the liver.
5. Take a sample of the tumor and examined under a microscope.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention if the disease is localized or in one of the lobes of the liver.
2. Chemotherapy through a vein or artery directly to the liver statute.
3. Radiotherapy treatment Euphemistic.
4. Tumor freezing.
5. Liver transplantation.

1. Lack of exposure to hepatitis B or C and that by taking precautions when blood transfusion, and not to use injection used before. Most importantly, take the vaccine hepatitis C infection.
2. Stay away from drinking alcohol.

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