The definition of brain cancer:

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The definition of brain cancer:

Division is abnormal and irregular cells to the brain both in the brain, the cerebellum or spinal cord, which causes compression of the other parts of the brain and therefore the loss of one of the senses, or weakness.
And primary brain tumors (ie, those originating in the brain) are very rare, unlike secondary brain tumors which are due to the spread of the disease from other members of the body and into the brain.
Symptoms: brain tumors, whether benign or malignant cause similar symptoms, which vary according to place of occurrence of the brain. It is these symptoms:
1. Headache, especially that which affects the person in the morning.
2. Nausea and vomiting.
3. Cause convulsions.
4. Weakness of some of the parties Kalalloip or lower.
5. Some senses weakness or vulnerability.
Causes: it has no known reasons so far.
Diagnosis: work-ray scan of the head to make sure that the work of a tumor after clinical examination. Similarly, the examination of the nervous system is important in order to know the place of infection in the brain.
And other tests that could be made is the injection of color in one of the arteries feeding the brain and then photographing the head showing where all the arteries there. This examination is carried out if there is an intention to undergo surgery to remove the tumor
Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention to remove the tumor if the spot to remove the pressure on other parts. But sometimes it is difficult to make the process if the tumor is near the site of a vitally important role in the brain.
2. Radiotherapy.
3. Chemotherapy with that interest which is limited as the drugs can not enter the brain through the blood vessels, but can be injected the drug in the cerebrospinal fluid.
No methods of protection from the lack of knowledge of causes or factors leading to it.
Most important types of brain tumors: • Gliomata
• Glioblastoma Multiform
• Astrocytoma
• Acoustic Neurinoma
• Meningioma
• Pitutary Tumours
• Transitions secondary to other tumors such as lung cancer or breast cancer ..

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