Methods for detection of thyroid cancer

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Methods for detection of thyroid cancer

Thyroid nodules that a lump or tumor is present on the thyroid gland, which can be identified at the initial assessment of the normal screening when the doctor if large enough, and may be those tumors in the form of bags of liquids or solid tumors.

Nearly half the U.S. population of adults will have thyroid nodules at some time during their lives, most of these nodules are benign (not cancerous) and are so small that it is not felt until the touch, the ratio of a belief carcinogens is 1:10 nodule offices.

Are usually nodules smaller, non-harmful never to humans or the big ones, may lead to the emergence of certain symptoms of the damage caused by such as hoarseness and sore throat, swollen glands and disorders in swallowing, and these symptoms does not mean in itself that these nodules large cancerous.

The symptoms continued for more than two weeks, you should go to see a doctor and you should also go to see a doctor when feeling some of the tumors or lumps in the neck.

How is the diagnosis of thyroid cancer?
If you find a thyroid nodule is suspected or where, the doctor may turn to make some the following tests:

- Blood test: The blood test most commonly used to verify the quality of the work is to test the thyroid gland Determination of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), can also do other tests such as blood test to set the levels of calcitonin in the blood.

- Ultrasound test: The test set in this image of the thyroid gland, and this is done test to see if the tumor is solid or liquid forms, and swelling is not a constant reference for cancer, Polymetallic tumor may be cancerous or not cancerous.

- Nuclear testing of the thyroid gland: This test is used to determine whether the thyroid is working or not.

In this test you swallow a small amount of radioactive materials, and absorbing cells of the gland that radioactive materials, and more nodes that accommodate the radioactive material is the doctrine called by "the doctrine of" hot, and nodule hot that are known to be non-carcinogenic, and the nodule cold absorbing less radioactive materials and that the nodules may be carcinogenic or non carcinogenic.

- Biopsy: will the doctor need to take a sample of the thyroid gland for your carefully examined, and often used in this test a fine needle so called (FNA), has used ultrasound to locate the nodules for biopsy it, is sometimes taking the sample from nodule surgically to obtain a correct diagnosis, and examined those cells that are found in the sample by the microscope, whether it is obtained by FNA or obtained surgically, and this is the only way in which they can ascertain the incidence of thyroid cancer or not.

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