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Jobs membrane nose

Of the nose, and many jobs are out with the composition Badi arbitrator and the composition of his inner circle of the mucosa, in addition to what is surrounded by pockets of nasal and sinus is a set of cavities in the bones of the skull surrounding the nose, both left and right, lined with mucous membrane is very similar to that which lines the nose itself. Is secreted membrane secretions to help him carry out the functions entrusted to it.

The most important of these functions will include:
- Wetting, heating, and purifying air of inspiration: So to understand the importance and greatness of this post, let us know that immediately to the nose and sinuses serve this function of the amount of air inhaled per day, a huge amount of between 10 and 20 liters a day! It does this by:

- Mucous membrane: a sort of two types of amniotic fluid in two layers: one for the sticky and found on the surface, because of the viscosity, the bacteria and dust particles adhere to them.

The second layer is less viscous and are working under the first and Kalhzam highway, which carries luggage at airports, where you move the top layer content of the bacteria and dust to the nasal cavity into the pharynx, then quickly centimeter per minute.

This class contains enzymes that can kill many bacteria and viruses, while the rest are dealt with then when swallowed into the stomach. The quantity of amniotic fluid which is excreted in the day 1000 Mellmitr cube.

- Cilia: the bristles precision, working tirelessly and relentlessly activity, which is moving the movement 700 per minute. And drought of the most important factors that hinder the movement, and then it helps to inflammation.

- Nasal session: a very complex network of capillaries and veins and small arteries: the amount of blood and changing tides in the network increase and decrease, depending on the difference in temperature between the body and outside air.

If the air was very cold outside, the amount of blood surging to increase this network to be able to heat the air inside the lungs and vice versa.

There is what is known as session nasal which occurs mechanism specific to blood vessels in the mucous membrane in one nostril,, driving where blood and swells the mucous membrane, thus reducing the space available for the course of self reduces quantity, and speed, allowing him an opportunity longer to acquire a greater quantity of heat mucosa, and so are the air temperature inside of this slot.

The opposite can occur in the other opening, where the blood vessels to contract Venkmc mucosa exceeded the course of the vacuum self Vtendf a large amount of air quickly and thus does not acquire the same temperature gained by the other side.

And when he takes on the air, both in the nasopharynx mix so that the temperature of the mixture is well suited to body temperature, and spoke of this session, alternating between both, Vtaatmdd left and right to contract at a certain time, then the situation is reflected in the next cycle and so on.

It is extremely complex and controlled by a number of factors. To simplify things could be likened to what is happening in a blender tap water, if you want hot water you open the faucet of hot water significantly and cold water faucet to a lesser extent, the degree of opening in Ptgmk Alsnburin can control the temperature of the water.

Sense of smell
- Smell: the great blessings, because it brings, one can distinguish between smells and taste the food, it is without make a food with no taste, but also has important and effective role in terms of nationality, place of smell through raising thousands of nerve fibers in the third of the upper nasal cavity, where There are eddies of air touching the inspiration of these fibers carries odors, Vtenbhaa and send this in turn neural signals to the brain telling the existence of certain smell.

With advancing age these fibers begin to decline, and this is what explains the weakening of the smell in the elderly.

It is a fact of smell what is known as adaptation olfactory, and means that the smell of losing their impact on the olfactory after a certain period so as to be non-existent, if any rights in the environment of smell could not have pushed, it loses its sense this smell after a while and if they do not exist There Tnkd it.

- Reducing the weight of the skull: "If I thought cavities occupied by the sinuses solid, how will the weight of the skull?

- Improving the tone of voice: This is what we are contemplating is usually the one who gets the roles of cold and flu from the change in the tone of his voice, as a result of the failure of the sinuses that role at that time due to blocked by the cold.

As we enjoy this blessing and keep it, we over-inhalation, recurrent Valgsayl good for the nose and sinuses is the best solution to the problems of this region, which is not only treatment but also prevention.

In research conducted by Dr. Hisham brace, he was able to prove that excessive inhalation, which is the optimal use of lotion, works to remove the pus from inside of the nose and sinuses, and helps to drain secretions, and the removal of the blockage of holes.

Rinse the nose and adds that he has proved recently that a good lye much better than drug therapy or surgical problems for most sinusitis, because lye is a deep slots and up to the sinuses are not allowed to discharge, bacteria and dust accumulation.

In order to fulfill its role lye required, stating Dr. brace that there must be fundamental and two traits are:
1 - continuity, because the nose are continuously subjected to dust and microbes, as well as secretions.
2 - Lye deep, even up to the folds of the nasal cavity, deep, and is thus able to clean up the interior.

Lye can be used once or twice a day until the effect and impact of clear the sinuses.

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