The use of plastic damage on human health

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The use of plastic damage on human health

Damage plastic
What plastic?

Plastic is the material to be produced through multiple processes fundamentally on oil, which is the raw material in the manufacture of plastics can be produced using natural gas and coal as raw material for plastics and a 4 per cent of petroleum products.

Plastic bags are manufactured from polyethylene polymers, one of which is a long chain of carbon atoms and hydrogen, as you need the environment to hundreds of years to dismantle these links naturally.

The shopping bags alone spend millions of sea birds per year in addition to thousands of marine mammals and countless fish around the world.

Damage plastic bags

• 1. Non-biodegradable and are not recycled, making it a burden to place steady, causing pollution of soil, air and water, even if incinerated.

• 2. As a result of attached bags all encountered on the way they distort the swab aesthetics of the environment, this influence reflects the aesthetic accompanied by inhibition of the growth of plants by blocking sunlight and air access to and presence among the grass and hung on tree branches placed in the way animals are looking for what you eat. They also affect the economic terms, requiring the employment of elimination.

• 3. Swallowed up by animals, causing blockage of the gastrointestinal tract and death. Among these cases, death of a number of beauty in the Al Areen Wildlife Park and death of a lot of deer, and some camels in the southern region.

• 4. Covered by sea turtles, which they believe the jellyfish, it caused her death from suffocation.
• 5. Clogging the gills of fish respiration, leading to the death of a mass for these fish.
• 6. Wrap plastic bags around the coral reefs will deprive it of sunlight, the water currents in and out of renewable and forth and carrying her food and oxygen.

• 7. Be a container to collect water and the proliferation of bacteria and cause disruption to the operation of ships machinery and vehicles.

• 8. Plastic bags containing chemicals that dissolve in the food and cause diseases of the liver, lung, and the use of these bags has led to the presence of residues of materials processing in human blood, which is considered essential in causing a serious malignant diseases.

• 9. There is immediate danger of these substances on human health in view of the use of plastic bags to carry hot meals significantly in the country, the fact is kind of the bags make it interacts low temperature, which makes carrying hot foods inside a direct threat to human health.

Dear Member of the Association of life with nature. .
Contributed in reducing the risk of plastic materials, through:
1. To replace the plastic bags or nylon bags during shopping bag your shopping.
2. Not to buy food, especially hot, including Cal Alnge, Alpaglp, bread "" in the nylon bags, and take with you and your Aouak.
3. Diligence on the purchase and use of glass water bottles instead of plastic.
4. In the event of purchasing plastic water bottles do not re-packaged or frozen in the freezer.

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