The reasons for a nosebleed:

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The reasons for a nosebleed:

Get bleeding from the nose kind of blood vessels in the lining of the nose in the inner part or middle of the nasal cavity

Lining of the nose contains many blood vessels that run on heating air inhalation, and because these vessels paper they are prone to bleeding when:

- Bird infections such as colds and flu and cold
- When exposed to shocks in the development of simple finger in the nose
- Differences in the temperature of the air
- Due to drought
- Sensitivity of the nasal
- Some medications that reduce the viscosity of the blood such as aspirin
- Deviation of nasal septum
- - High blood pressure
- Blood disorders such as hemophilia (a disease Naaouroo haemorrhage), or leukemia, or a problem with blood clotting
- Tumors in the nasal cavity
- Drugs
- Other reasons not clear

Symptoms of a nosebleed:

Get bleeding from blood vessels in the nose easily hand exposure to the above-mentioned factors, but soon stops because of a small blood clot blocking the vessel walls of the wound.

Bleeding often gets suddenly and without warning, sometimes during sleep, and it is the one hand, this situation is repeated several times a week in some patients, while others are lowest, and the amount of blood lost are usually small.

Affects the nose, epistaxis people of all ages, but it is more in children.

Serious nosebleed:

Nosebleed usually does not carry any dangerous because of that bleeding is a little bit, depending on its own, but in some cases, a nosebleed caused by a problem in blood clotting nosebleed shall continue for a long time injured and loses a large amount of blood.

Treatment of epistaxis:

The most important step in treatment is calm and not to fear, although the landscape blood annoying and frightening to many people, but the situation are usually simple and can be treated at home in the following ways:

- Sit in an upright position with the curvature of the head slightly forward to prevent blood from entering the throat and then swallowing it.
- Put on a pot or tissues under the nose to prevent the fouling of clothing
- Pressure on the thumb and index finger soft tip of the nose about five minutes of steady breathing through the mouth, if the bleeding does not stop should continue pressing for 10 minutes
- Place a piece of ice or as a cold on top of the nose to narrow the blood vessels leading to the lining of the nose and help to stop bleeding nose
- Avoid any effort that would re-bleeding after stopping the duration of up to 12 hours such as cleaning the nose or blowing the nose
- Do not put a finger inside the nose because that disturbs the delicate fabric of the mucous lining of the nose and cause a nosebleed.

- Contact your doctor if the nosebleed lasted for more than 15 minutes, or if repeated too much or if there is an accident or injury to nose.
- Putting a humidifier in the house to get rid of dry nose
- Wetting the inside of the nose piece of cotton swab dipped Pfazlen
- When you visit a doctor because of continued bleeding nose, the doctor put a piece of gauze into the nostrils of the direct pressure on the blood vessels bleeding, as well as some antiseptic solutions and assist in narrowing the blood vessels locally.
- Needs some of the injured Balraav repeated ", for the draining of the blood vessels"

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