Iron deficiency reduces the body to produce red blood cells

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Iron deficiency reduces the body to produce red blood cells

Researchers found that girls who suffer from a lack of iron in the body may suffer as a result of this lack of intelligence

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A study conducted by King's College University - London, that there is a strong relationship between low hemoglobin and low individual's ability to think or level of intelligence
And hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells that play a vital role in the transfer of oxygen to the tissues of different body
Iron is a component of hemoglobin function and without adequate quantities of iron in food is not the body can generate a sufficient number of red blood cells

May lead in severe cases to anemia if the body have to live with the results of the subsequent lack of oxygen in the tissues

Among the symptoms of anemia and in turn feeling tired and pale face, loss of appetite
The research focused on girls at the age of eleven to eighteen who studied in three public schools in London

And made a hundred and fifty-two blood samples girl and information about the nature of the diet Itbanh also undergone tests of mental abilities or what is known scientifically cognitive function

The researchers found that girls who suffer from iron deficiency, the degree of anemia, may also suffer from a decline in the level of intelligence

Study conducted on adolescent girls

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The difference remained significant even after taking other factors into consideration, such as social class, race, diet, menstrual cycle for women
The other research conducted by the same team, led by Michael Nelson has shown that between ten percent and thirty percent of adolescent girls suffer from severe water shortage, or perhaps a mild iron stores, which causes anemia

An important role

The researchers, who published their research in the journal Nutrition Society, they concluded that iron deficiency is common among girls, although British adult diet and the proportion of iron which plays an important role in the report of cognitive function

It is likely that these enormous differences in cognitive function has important consequences with regard to the ability to learn and qualify for academic

Dr Nelson told BBC Online that there were two possible mechanisms may illustrate why a link function of the brain and the level of iron in blood

It is likely that the low level of hemoglobin associated with a lack of oxygen supply going to the brain, hindering its work should also be

Moreover, a number of enzymes that control the transfer of signals in the brain are also dependent on the iron to work effectively

Therefore, people who suffer from iron deficiency they must eat more leafy vegetables and fresh meat and grains such as beans and Albzalia, lentils and dry fruits
It contains articles on a good source of vitamin C, if taken in each meal, they enhance the absorption of iron in the body

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