Cinnamon cure for diabetics

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Cinnamon cure for diabetics

A recent study revealed that cinnamon useful for diabetics because it helps the body to deal with the sugars more effectively.

It also helps cinnamon - according to the study - to re-activate the cells that have stopped responding to the hormone insulin; so diabetics can add cinnamon to the daily diet moderately so as not to use the opposite result.

The study showed that cinnamon Molina, centrifugal gas and opening of appetite, diuretic and is useful in the pain of the kidney, and alert the nerves of taste in the mouth and tongue, and helps in digestion and is useful in the treatment of asthma, the Holding Company for diarrhea.

The study pointed out that cinnamon alert uterus; therefore not preferred for pregnant women.

Previous studies have emphasized the natural cinnamon calming the nerves and a cup of cinnamon added a joy and happiness of the intake, where this mixture is characterized by its powerful odor beautiful graduated with a race to alleviate the smell.

She pointed out that cinnamon is helpful in treating many other diseases such as asthma, paralysis, uterine disorders, gonorrhea and sometimes used as an adjunct in the control of the German measles.

The cinnamon is used in the form of powder or natural boiling in hot water and mix with honey and taken daily in the evening to give a great benefit to humans.

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