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Dermatitis, chronic irreversible and is characterized by the appearance of granules in the red color of salmon in different size and shape

And covered with a white shiny scales and in the course of this disease are split skin cells from the basal layer to the stratum corneum too quickly 3 -

5 days instead of 25-30 days.


Is still the underlying causes behind the emergence of psoriasis is unknown so far but it developed some theories to explain the appearance but they are not

Sufficient to clarify the whole truth, and these theories:

A - genetics plays an important role in the occurrence of disease in successive generations of families

Infected by the disease.

B - to the sun and UV beneficial effect on the skin when exposure to them may improve the patient's condition or completely cured

In the summer disease appears again in the winter.

C - case, mental illness, sadness and anxiety are important factors in the occurrence of disease.

D - the disease may be related to endocrine disorders may improve the situation sometimes during pregnancy may occur for the first time with menopause

When the ladies.

E - the disease may be accompanied by some turbulence on the chemistry of the body's metabolism as an increase in blood fat and cholesterol.

And - some recent research indicates that there is a latent defect in the skin cells themselves and the emergence of the disease.


The disease usually begins in the form of granules covered with red scales grow in size trickle hills composed by layers of cobalt-silver

Bright remission in the middle of the plateau to produce a ring shape of the disease or may be connected to loops and Alillat to each other to give

Form like geographic maps and more sites infected are the trunk, especially in the lumbar area and the exterior of the forearms

And legs, especially around the elbows and knees as well as the scalp, where consists of cobalt-silver-intensive but does not cause hair fell to have

Spread the disease to affect any part of the body as it sometimes causes a thickening of the hands and feet and distortions in the nail.

There are different types of severe psoriasis could spread the disease affects the skin, causing inflammation all crustal Alihmrary may also be accompanied by the type

Particularly rheumatoid arthritis and there is also a type of pustular and widespread and have all kinds of serious complications, and requires a special kind of treatment.

And illness in general can be improved or cured, but it is always vulnerable to relapse several times, these setbacks may extend for several years, 10-15

Years or more.


Advisable to treat psoriasis patients in the hospital especially if they are the type of pustular or arthritis or with crustal Alihmrary

Try to care for his state of mental and give sedatives public and can be used one or more of methods of treatment depends upon the choice between them. At

Type of disease and place of infection and prevalence as well as social and economic situation of the patient and should be placed under treatment

Close supervision of a physician.

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