The definition of oral cancer:

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The definition of oral cancer:
Is the abnormal growth and uncontrolled by the cells lining the oral cavity.

1. Sore in the mouth does not heal or bleed easily.
2. The emergence of a tumor or the area of a small red or white permanently in the mouth.
3. Difficulty in chewing or swallowing.
4. Sore throat.
5. Be selected in the movement of the tongue and jaws, or a sense of distress when wearing denture prostheses.
6. Pain is rarely a symptom of oral cancer in early stage.

1. Smoking and tobacco use (which is chewed and stored in the mouth).
2. Chewing khat.
3. Drinking alcohol, and since it is often accompanied by excessive smoking, the combination of the two suspected it increases the risk of cancers of the mouth.
4. Smoking cigars and pipes, which increases the risk of cancers of the lips.

Taking a sample of the tumor or lesion is located in the mouth and examined under a microscope.

Methods of Treatment:
1. Surgical intervention.
2. Radiotherapy.

1. Stay away from smoking as well as chewing khat.
3. Stay away from drinking alcohol.

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