The Complete Guide for the treatment of adrenal failure, "Addison's disease

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The Complete Guide for the treatment of adrenal failure, "Addison's disease

The endocrine system works, or what is known as hormonal system, on the production of hormones which are chemical signals transmitted through the blood to all parts of the body, Vetoakp and control all physical and emotional changes experienced by the human from birth to last a lifetime.

Gland and are all of these glands distributed in different parts of the body to produce its own hormones in a tidy and organized to function in all hormonal balance to help the body balance and health.

Hormonal imbalance
In case something goes wrong in this system due to hormonal deficiency, or excess secretion of one of these hormones, the body begins to suffer from the symptoms of this problem, and symptoms vary in severity from a simple display that can be ignored, to the top of the disease.

Symptoms are minor issues that may attribution rights to anything else, fatigue, exhaustion and fatigue, which is one of the first signs, Addison's disease.

Addison's disease (Addison "s disease) is one of the endocrine diseases known, also known as disease palaces adrenal (adrenal insufficiency) or HIV cortisol (hypocortisolism), spoke of infection due to lack of secretion of hormones, adrenal gland (cortisol and aldosterone), also known as thyroid above the kidney to its existence over the college.

Addison's disease affects men and women in equal proportions at any age, but mostly it is of infection between the ages of thirty and fifty.

Member of the hormone cortisol, a group that works Glucocorticoids and affect all organs and tissues of the body. Despite the presence of hundreds of effects and functions of this hormone, its impact is more important in helping the human body to deal with all forms of pressure addressed to this body.

It is important functions:
- Maintain blood pressure and heart function.

- To slow infections resulting from the interaction of the immune system.

- Helps to break the balance between insulin and extract energy.

- Regulation of metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

- Helps the body to sense the exact sound health of the body.

Hormone aldosterone
This hormone belongs to a group Alminralokortikoid (mineralocorticoids) produced by the adrenal gland.

And functions of aldosterone is that:
- Helps maintain normal blood pressure.

- Maintains a balance between salt and water in the body.

- Helps the kidneys to get rid of potassium and sodium retention.

The causes of Addison's disease
Produces the majority of cases, Addison's disease (70%) due to an autoimmune disease where the immune system produces in the human body antibodies attack and destroy the outer layer of the adrenal gland, known as the cortex, resulting in a lack of secretion of hormones cortisol and aldosterone.

In some other cases (20%) produces a disease caused by an injury gland tuberculosis who works for the destruction of the adrenal gland.

Other causes include: chronic infections, especially fungal infections, and the spread of cancer cells to the adrenal gland of the other members of the body Kalritin or breasts, or because surgical removal of the gland.

In rare cases may cause failure of the pituitary gland (the mother) in the production of the hormone catalyst or activator of the gland adrenal to produce cortisol, to get serious condition known as deficient adrenal second, as a result of reduced secretion of the hormone cortisol, although the integrity of the glands Alkzeritin, where they do not receive Alert insufficient given the dysfunction of the pituitary gland.

The symptoms of Addison's disease gradually begin the main symptoms of the disease to appear tired and fatigue and weakness, and then progress to weakness and pain in the muscle with loss of appetite, which leads to weight loss.

Other symptoms include:
- Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

- Dizziness or fainting or dizziness when standing due to low blood pressure.

- Change the color of the skin to a dark color or dark bronze, in parts of the skin-covered and exposed to both, but the notes change sharply in the skin folds and places pressure Kalmrfiqin knees and joints, lips and mucous membranes. And changes the color of the skin in this way because of the increased production of pituitary hormone which stimulates the production and secretion of pigment melanin.

- Symptoms of low sugar.

- Feeling depressed and non-equilibrium and delirium.

- Infected women menstrual cycle disorders or interruption.

- Strong desire to eat salty, because of lack of sodium in the body.

Addison Shock
It is noted that because of global symptoms and by gradual and slow, it has ignored the injured and ember is interesting enough, so get suddenly what is known as shock or crisis Edison (addisonian crisis), or heart failure adrenal acute, which occur to patients with Addison's undiagnosed illness when exposed any acute crisis, as the stress or pressure, or severe stress or physical injuries or infections.

It is very important to resort to medical care because of the seriousness of shock Edison on the patient's life if not addressed Student Emergency treatment necessary.

Symptoms of shock Addison
- Nausea and vomiting.

- Soreness of the lower abdomen, back and legs.

- Severe diarrhea and dehydration.

- Low blood pressure.

- Confusion or astonishment.

- Loss of consciousness.

Diagnosis is the identification of history of illness and the symptoms suffered by the patient, particularly the color changes of skin may be brought against the doctor about this disease, and then a medical examination that included testing of stimulating the pituitary gland, and the percentage of cortisol in the blood and urine, and an X-ray of the abdomen, which calcium deposits may appear on the adrenal gland in the event of her tuberculosis, and the work of tuberculosis tests, and the work on the brain scan to know the status of the pituitary gland in cases of secondary adrenal failure.

The treatments are replacing the missing hormones or compensation that can not produce thyroid, be denied the hormone cortisol in the form of pills, twice a day, a hormone Alwlodrokortizon compensator to the lack of aldosterone. The doctor may recommend more frequent intake of salt.

Addison shock treatment
The fall in blood pressure, lack of sugar in the blood, high potassium salt, low sodium in the blood, is a dangerous, which may kill the patient, so treatment is immediate intravenous infusion of solutions of salt, glucose and the hormone cortisone, and the adoption of these treatments critical infrastructure is improved rapidly in the patient's condition.

When the patient is unable (after overcoming the shock) taking medication by mouth, not reduce the dose of steroids intravenously and compensation to address compensatory hormone cortisol and aldosterone by mouth.

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