Types of food or natural proteins that are recommended by the practitioner bodybuilder and schedule

A common mistake among a number of athletes as they see that building muscle and bodybuilding is focusing on exercise programs and neglect by the food.

And muscle building program requires make the journey a long and difficult to gain more Kamal physically fit, no doubt that the exercises weight lifting play a key role in the success of programs bodybuilding with the approach at a daily feeding balanced, if we know that every person born specifications and genetic limit the number of muscle fibers in his body this means that exercise does not add muscle fibers to build on what already exists, but also in the amplification of the basic muscle fibers, as the weight lifting generates considerable pressure on the muscles in fact lead to the destruction of coherence in fiber tab followed by a muscle-building initiative of fibrous tissue crashed and renovation to make the larger size of the muscles with motor power to strengthen the higher limits.

The success of muscle building program is linked to the level of knowledge of athletes, the quality of the food needed in the amount of preferred and appropriate times to take it to supply the body with food in preparation for the full completion of exercises and weight lifting and build muscle building intact.

The athletes put queried: What is good food for building muscles?
Truth be told: The most up to the tips of the ears of the athletes is limited to the following advice: proper diet to build muscle.
Let us shed some light on: Why eat Mathematical and size of food intake?
* Muscle and calorie

Calories are units of measure use by specialists in nutrition to measure the amounts of energy in the diet each and every item finds its way into the human stomach.
It is agreed among experts that one gram of food protein generates four calories and one gram of carbohydrate (starch) generates four calories while one gram of fat generates nine calories.
This means that people are interested in building muscle control of the number of calories in the food they eat every day and knowledge in this way provides the success of the athlete to achieve its objectives in the long run. And encourages athletes and specialists Alngdhuion taking up the most energy prices at the time the morning and midday and this method check the following objectives:

- D-body fuel food in the early hours of the day because it avoids the risk of Mathematical depletion of energy after midday, with no cancellation of a bed and breakfast feeding program.
- Reducing the chances of eating fatty food spam (at breakfast) and eat more carbohydrate foods (starchy and sugary) desired in the breakfast.
- Taking up the most calories in the morning reduces the desire to eat fat the evening and this is good for the specifications of fitness.

We should also point to the need to have dinner a few hours before bedtime and short recommended for athletes meal big breakfast and lunch moderate and dinner or small to take more than three meals per day during the exercise, and most notably exercises weight lifting, In such case, learned from the program nutrition with meals and five are small amounts compared with the program to add three meals and snack time mid-morning and another after age.
The athletes interested in building muscle Faihtajon to between 3500 - 5000 calories each day as needed and body weight is distributed as follows:

Food diet from 60 to 70 percent of all of these calories. And fats of 20-30 percent and 10-20 percent protein, there is no need for sweets, chocolate and soft drinks to increase calories.
The following is a statement that:

* Primary source of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy for muscle activity because it is rapid combustion and are found in fruits, honey, cereals, potatoes, rice and bread. Eating carbohydrate-rich diets have benefits beyond the task of supplying muscle power to help the athletes to avoid eating fatty food with many health warnings and make up for what you can lose during exercise, preferably rationing meals throughout the daylight hours as follows: In
Eating a meal carbohydrates can be analyzed quickly in the intestine to the simple sugar (glucose) and this is the primary source of energy in the body and the most nutritional foods are: white bread or wheat bread (brown) and corn flakes (corn Flex) maize - potatoes oven roasted two hours before start of the exercise.

At the end of exercise, sports must supply the body reserves of carbohydrates, but will stop the process of renewal of activity in those muscles and it is recommended the following:

ü give food and meal compensation after two hours of exercise to contain the juices or beverages rich in carbohydrates such as pineapple juice and fresh fruit juices and wheat biscuits rich moisturizing body to ensure the extension of the body with fuel Alkrbohedrati.

* Beware of the fat

For athletes, a fat in the way of building muscle, the body is fat source of energy in the long term journey through bodybuilding, as the storage of fat is easier to store proteins and carbohydrates, and this explains why the accumulation of fat around the waist of men overweight.
There are two types of fat: saturated fat, and trans fats, are liquid fats (vegetable oils) are generally either saturated fat found in meat, milk and margarine Vtkon saturated is harmful to the health of the overall view of the relationship to heart disease and cancer.
It became known that the weight lifting exercises do not work to convert fat to muscle tissue and the athlete must keep in mind one goal is concentrated in reducing the percentage of fat in the body and the good level, as recommended by experts from 15 up to 25%
And put in front of the builders of these muscles useful tips:

- To avoid eating sport fried potatoes, and peanuts, nuts, candy, pastries, chocolate and fried food in oil.
- When a more desirable eating food rich, such as fast food sold in public markets is advisable to be addressed in the early hours of the day, and the sports are minor modifications to the quality of exercises to burn calories surplus generated from the grease and keep away from eating food fat in the days of cigarette break, which system is far from exercise.

- No more than the proportion of fat in the daily diet of 20% of calories overall if the calorific value of daily food sports around 4000 price of the elements of fat is a source of 800 kcal of the total value and that means eating 88 grams of food fat per day, normal and healthy it.

Given the difficulty of digestion of proteins in a short time would prefer not to deal with protein foods before exercise, as well as the absence of an increase in the quantity of meals to build muscle.
And recommends new research that deals with the weightlifting athletes between 1.2 and 1.5 gram of protein per kilogram of weight sports, if the weight of Sports 70 kg, it needs to address the 105 grams of protein and this is equivalent to 10% of the total calories for a meal worth of food intake four thousand calories.

Preferably in the diversification of food sources of protein, the body needs protein essential elements of a certain amount, but increase it in the body turns to fat in the body are not conducive to building muscle for the athlete and the dismantling of elements of the protein and analysis of the strain the kidneys get rid of them.

It remains to say that the sports enthusiast to build muscle should be organizing the food plan a successful line with exercise programs and the type of sport, and to take into account the number of days of physical activity weekly, The stages of exercise in addition to the responsibilities of career and family obligations and social need all the determination, organization and discipline myself to achieve the target accompanied by awareness of the diet of athletes. In conclusion, the provision of meals rich in carbohydrates and low in fat with specialized consulting specialists in the field of food and nutrition.

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