Arthritis pain, the cause, symptoms and treatment

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Arthritis pain, the cause, symptoms and treatment

What is the cause of pain in the joints and how to diagnose the reason behind their backs. How to deal with diseases that cause these pains. Any of the diseases characterized mainly women. D. Florentine Dana
Family doctors hear many complaints about pain in the joints, especially in the winter. Reasons for this are many and pain can be related to the disease itself or in the joints of diseases not related to joints. Go to family doctors and physical examination, is the beginning of treatment.

Which stems aches in the joints?

Pain can be caused from the operations of septic joints, or inflammatory processes in it.

The process of disintegration caused with time to rupture of the cartilage inside the joint, and as a result of the disintegration of the joint itself, sometimes occurs pool of the liquid inside the joint, resulting bulge-Ghali.

Inflammatory arthritis: results due to transmission of inflammatory cells into the joint. Produces inflammation can be due to contamination with the entry of bacteria into the joint, which causes an inflammatory reaction, or it could be a reaction to other diseases.

Pain not related to joints: all pain in the immediate vicinity of the joint can extend the joint and causes pain in the joints, such as inflammation of the veins.

Diseases that cause the appearance of pain in the joints?

Austartrozzs - Hinge morbidity and some call Austartertis error (translated from English laities indicate inflammation and error that the disease is not inflammatory). Which is the most common cause for joint pain.

Symptoms: the disease stems from the disintegration of the cartilage over the years which change the form of detailed and leads to pain and over time leads to the weakness in the work of the joint. Increased pain when doing movements such as walking up the stairs, with time produce protrusions in the bones of the joint, called the hinge morbidity.

After strenuous activity, pain occurs with above at night. Sometimes results in swelling of the joint, and when we hand it during the movement feel leaps. With the development of disease, injury occurs in the movement of the joint center. Injuries are the most common arthritis knees thighs, joints in the fingertips of the hands, a thumb in the palm of the hand, and joints waist and neck. In the fingers of the hand produced with time protrusions under the skin.

Treatment: In order to reduce the weight holder injury joints (knees and thighs), desirable weight reduction when there is overweight. Regular physical activity, helps a lot (walking or swimming half an hour three times per week).

When there is pain, can be dealt with pill pain killers, half an hour before activities.

To maintain muscle tension and maintaining the full movements of the joint.

After physical activity, if the pain appeared, the compressor can be heated on the joint is painful, the basis of treatment depends on the relief of pain. Preferable to use drugs is not the kind NsAIDs that benefit when there is an inflammatory disease. Akmul or Jawlizin is my favorite, mainly because of symptoms Side of Artovin, Mmeltrin and Venksi: Implications for the mucous membrane of the stomach, kidney involvement, high blood pressure because of the drugs from the new generation (Slcox, Arkkser , Otvuon).

When there is pain and possible serious injury in motion, can be considered a process.

Research shows that there is a slight improvement rate for use in the ongoing food additives containing glucose.

Artretsi Aumti - inflammation of the pivotal - infect tissues Association, where the body produces antibodies against itself. In this case, antibiotics work against the membrane coating the joint from the inside.

There is talk of a chronic disease that lasts for years, experiencing periods during which aggravated the disease and healing periods of time. Which affect the number of joints in parallel.

Women tend more to disease with the disease compared to men.

Symptoms: pain cemented Kavat hands, finger joints near the palm of the hand consolidated, joints, knees, thighs, cemented the man (full). Common characteristic of the disease is a state of sclerosis in the morning: When you do sleep is difficult to move joints for half an hour or more. Additional phenomenon existing in some of patients: bumps under the skin.

After several years can appear warp joints to the concrete and visible to the eye. In the blood test there are signs to help with diagnosis: a high proportion of anti-Aumtayed named Victor, a prominent failure of blood. By a detailed depiction of the volatile. You can see the damage to the bones surrounding the joint.

Treatment: the evolution of the disease include anti-inflammatory drugs in simple cases, a family of NSAIDS - the most difficult in cases handled by Stroaedm and additional drugs that weaken the immune system.

Zabt (Lopes) - Systemic lupus erythematosus - autoimmune disease which affects the tissue interfaces. The majority of patients are women young women.

Symptoms: with the exception of the pain of joints, also cause the rash in the form of bed in the face, pus in the mouth, faulty blood (anemia, low number of platelets, a decrease of the number of white blood cells), is extremely sensitive skin to the sun, infections of internal body, such as inflammation of the membrane lung or heart , scored the kidney, different psychological complaints (which stems, as is obvious from the vascular inflammation of small brain) and pain joints. There are also pain the joints are parallel but do not cause time to time with constant distortion in the form of the joint.

In the blood test can be found by a special anti-high.

Treatment: anti-inflammatory drugs in the family of NSAIDS - and additional medication, which paralyzes the immune system.

Skruderma - Scleroderma - the disease often starts on the ills joints hands. The disease affects membrane interfaces and reflect self-immune disease.

Also here, the disease is very widespread in the center of women.

Symptoms: After months of pain in the joints thicken the skin - one of the main symptoms of the disease.

Also cause thickening of the skin to flatten the face and other parts of the body. In some of the sick, also get the internal organs of the body. Could get the movement of the esophagus and the result will be pain and discomfort at the time of eating. Can appear on the surface of calcification white fingers under the skin. In the period of exposure to cold, that can change the color of the fingers of the white and blue in difficult situations can also result in gangrene fingertips and highlight the small blood vessels on the skin.

Treatment: There are also special anti-can clarify in the blood test, so prompt treatment for change and improvement in immune function.

Sbondeltts Ankilozit - ankylosing Spondylitis - a disease in the membrane interface, which affect young people have a genetic character.

Balourak infection and inflammation of the thighs and buttocks are the most prevalent, and the disease is a disease membrane interface with the immune system autonomy. .

Treatment: medication type NSAIDS

Anakrsi arthritis - caused by deposition of acids Orit within the joint. Most likely affect one joint.

Symptoms: thumb in the palm of a man first affected (called Audh) other joints that could be involved: ankle, hips and elbows.

The injured are often a generation of men over 60. Widespread (but not always) find high rates of acid Orit blood. Sometimes I've got kidney cause acid deposition Alaurit.

Treatment: the injuries difficult treatment includes medicines from the kind of NSAIDS and there is a possibility for the treatment of fixed prevents additional shifts, by drugs that reduce the proportion of Alaurit or by Chollsin.

Gonorrhea (Gonoria) - a disease that is transferred by unsafe sexual relations. Most likely infected are young men.

Symptoms: penile discharge, burning in the urine canal, sometimes also include the joints and skin. In the skin can be seen swelling: painful and swollen joints every time a detailed last Flaring, and therefore also called arthritis mobile.

Treatment: Give antibiotics.

Rheumatic fever - after the throat infection caused by bacteria Stervtekut, and if not treated by antibiotics, can lead to fever Hijron.

Symptoms: swelling, pain joints, membership of the phenomena, injured heart.

Treatment: The most feasible is prevention of disease - completed treatment Balamadadp vital bacterial sore throat.

Various other inflammatory conditions can cause pain in the joints:

Zero disease in the liver, Msorises (skin disease), inflammatory bowel disease, tissue disease bind-ins, Tlutip diseases such as inflammation of the internal membrane of the heart (Andukrei)

Aches of the disease is not articulated -

Bollymhiljih Aumtekp - or inflammation of the muscle fibers and chronic - the disease progresses over weeks to months.

Symptoms: pain, neck stiffness and Balactav or Balaurak. Pain especially difficult to do in the morning, and after you run the muscles. Mostly people get adult age. Here, too, as is apparent the system is linked to the immune system of self-injury and arteries are not the joints. Sometimes, the disease associated with a sense of weakness, low temperature and loss of weight. There is no weakness of the arteries but only the presence of pain. In the blood test reveals the deposition of blood and very clear.

Treatment: Strodiem doses medium - low given excellent results.

Vibermhiljia - Sndriom, which describes the symptoms of women's gathering symptoms without a clear explanation of the process taking place. Even today do not know what are the reasons for the emergence of the disease.

Symptoms: fatigue continuously throughout the day stems from an uncomfortable sleep because of pain, stiffness the morning arteries significantly, and as a result of a change of atmosphere and after strenuous physical activity.

Pain is very general and hard to point to a specific place, but sometimes the pain attributed to arthritis, although the disease is not the joints.

In the physical examination there are several distinct points in the back and upper neck causing pressure to cause pain. All blood tests include blood and deposition rates of different antibiotics to be sound.

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