Definition of breast cancer:

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Definition of breast cancer:

Is one of the most common cancer among women, which often occurs after the age of fifty, but this does not mean that it may not appear at an early age. Also untangled the emergence of this disease in men, but by very few compared to women.

Causes: unknown but there are factors that help to visit the possibility of infection, including the existence of the disease in a relative (so to those whose mothers or sisters of this tumor to get used to conduct self-examination).
There is a possibility to increase the incidence of disease in women who had their first pregnancy after the age of thirty. Also smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are among the factors is received and believed to be associated with the disease.

Symptoms: Not all change in the breast is a tumor, but not all tumor is malignant, but should not be neglected any swelling or change in the shape of their breasts, it is important to consult a doctor if you notice:

• The appearance of mass in the breast
• an increase in the thickness of the breast or armpit
• discharge from the nipple
• contraction of the nipple
• local pain in the breast
• A change in size or shape of the breast
Note that some of these changes occur naturally when the pregnancy or breastfeeding, or before and after menstruation for some women.

Lies the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer that the cure rate exceeding 95% God willing, if the tumor is in its early stages .. But delay the diagnosis of this ratio drops to 25% only ..

Is early diagnosis of breast cancer by following these steps: • Monthly self-examination of the breast is over the age of forty women
• mammography Mammography every two years for women over age fifty.

Methods of Treatment: There are four ways to treat the disease either surgery or chemotherapy or only radial or hormonal, the doctor may use one or more of these methods, depending on the nature of the tumor as the treatment plan depends on the type tumor size and stage and age of the diseased and general health status,
Are usually excise the tumor or the entire breast with or without the lymph nodes in the armpit as a first stage and followed by a chemotherapy and radiotherapy for some patients or radiotherapy only, according to the situation.

Chemotherapy (chemotherapy): is chemotherapy using a complex set of drugs, chemicals, whose effects on cancer cells stronger than healthy cells, and be treated either as an injection into a vein or disks in the mouth, and the impact of treatment side effects hair loss, vomiting, and diarrhea But all these effects temporary. May also due to the low number of white blood cells and therefore is usually a blood test on an ongoing basis and are advised to stay away from complain of infectious diseases such as influenza if the number of white blood cells is low ..

Radiation Therapy Radiation therapy - Radiotherapy: is radiotherapy using X-ray intense high-energy, and the effect of these rays high on Khallaal cancer because they are more sensitive to radiation from normal cells and is recovering more slowly, and the treatment is usually either 20 or 25 sessions of radiation (as the case ) and each meeting lasts for less than 10 minutes note that the same treatment during the meeting may not take more than two minutes.

Possible side effects of treatment are usually simple, including
• inflammation of the skin treatment area, it is essential not to use soap or any kind of creams on the treatment area during the treatment period
• General fatigue, loss of appetite, all of these effects occur during the meetings and usually disappear after two weeks of the end of treatment.

Hormone Therapy (Hormone Therapy): This treatment begins after the end of radiation therapy is given to some patients who are over the age of fifty .. Not all patients need for hormone therapy, note that this treatment may last a lifetime

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