Poor health status of the teeth helps to exposure to heart disease?

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Poor health status of the teeth helps to exposure to heart disease?

The poor dental health would lead to clogged arteries, which could expose humans to a heart attack.

Vofuahna is a safe nest for bacteria that inhabit it, and the layer of tartar on the teeth that encourages the emergence of supportive tissue diseases Owalthab gums.

There are two types of oral diseases spread widely and which is not without risk, as these injuries are the main reason for the loss of teeth. More ominously, it could be linked to heart attacks.

The blockage of cardiac muscle tissue occurs when the heart arteries.

This is the result of the worsening of atherosclerosis: Valcrain when aging, they become less flexible and then spread layers of fat inside the walls. Within these arteries damaged, it was found Acanutorsimor and his team at the University of Donna religion that lymphocytes accumulated, ie, antibodies, a source of infection, is caused by bacteria in the class limestone that produces certain proteins, "HSP" (proteins, heat shock) that are compatible with lymphocytes . "Aqaba" human-produced naturally "HSP" as the rest of animals and plants.

From here the immune system being misled. When you start in the hunt for the HSP and the lymphocytes do not differentiate between harmful bacteria in the mouth and those Baktira based on the arteries, which accumulate in the wrong! This is the hypothesis put forward by Mr. Seymour to explain the relationship between oral infections and heart conditions.

Often associated with heart disease, smoking, obesity, high blood cholesterol, but it is not limited to at this point only, it is also related to poor state of health of the teeth, not caring enough oral hygiene, bleeding gums.

Indicates Professor Howard Cengison University of Bristol in his report at the meeting Almaekeroubeyologi held this week in Dublin (Ireland): "It does not matter whether that person is slim or healthy, and you multiply your chances of getting heart disease if your teeth are in poor condition" .

As indicated Almaekeroubeyologi scientists at the University of Bristol and the Royal Society of Surgeons in Ireland, that the washing teeth help prevent bleeding gums which opens the door to hundreds of bacteria that up to 700 - inhabit the mouth. "Mouth is probably the dirtiest places in the human body," according to the report of Dr. Steve Kiregan College of Surgeons.

Describes the worker how the bacteria to heart disease: The bleeding gums allow bacteria to reach the blood vessels, where they "stick plate" (blood components that cause clotting), which causes clotting of procedure of the blood vessels, hampering thus the return of blood in part to the the heart, thus a risk of a heart attack.

Bacteria and the corruption of the arteries: a link between bacteria in the mouth unhealthy and atherosclerosis (a corruption of the arteries), the Panel noted that it focused his research on the role that can be done by "proteins active", which are produced when exposed to cells of any inflammation or stress, Toxicology, deprivation of oxygen and water .. The role of these "active protein" is to help other proteins to move through cell membranes.

The immune system usually does not respond to the active proteins in humans, but its interaction with these proteins from the disease in line with the bacteria in the mouth cause interaction with each protein-year-old active, even "white blood cells can accumulate in the tissues and arteries," which causes hardening of the arteries.

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