Arched back the floppy:

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Arched back the floppy:

The back round is one of the concerns are common to many of the families of some children, and is often to identify cases of back round by parents or teachers, where the patient sitting and standing status flaccid. Can children who have a positive correction round the back look round the back involuntarily in situations to stand and lie down on the abdomen.

Corner may be the total curvature of the haversack on the image in X-side status of the stand. X-ray profiles show status of lying down on the back with increasing energizes the back of a full arc of. It is common belief that this situation leads to permanent deformation. But fortunately there is no evidence that the status of the back round flexible physical side effects. Program could help increase the extension of the chest exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine extended, but remain the primary responsibility rests with the patient in improving his situation. Not be indicated orthodontic treatment in patients with back round floppy.

Structural curvature of the back:

The slight increases in the common structural curvature equally to male and female children, but the situation could get worse when the male a little more of them in females. Do not know the percentage of absolute occurrence of this disorder because of small grades of structural curvature of the back may not be obvious clinically. Studies have indicated that spinal changes associated with the back round structurally speaking back 7-8% of the children. The reason for this is unclear but this may be the result of increased pressure on the spinal growth plates at the front of some people who have a severe case of the back round and flexible, but this relationship have not been evaluated clearly.


Simulated patients Ptqos on the chest circumference of a greater degree and intensity of that found in normal individuals and unlike the case of the floppy back round the patients can not fully correct the deformity. Many patients complain of pain sometimes slightly sore in the area of curvature, but it is rare to be severe or a bar of the movement.


X-ray evaluation includes taking pictures of side effects and status of the stand. X-ray observations include the following conditions:.

1 - narrowing the space between paragraphs

2 - Lack of headroom front normal paragraph infected and affect the body paragraph

3 - increase the amount of deflection angle in the paragraphs.


Treatment depends on the patient's age and degree of deformity and the presence or absence of pain in the affected area and there is little evidence that patients with curves in the back less than 70 or 80 degree seat suffering from pain or neurological disorders. The distortions that exceed 90 degrees carrying more likely to be aesthetically unacceptable and may be associated with restriction of movement.

Does not need adult patients who do not suffer from pain or suffer from it a little and who have a simple bow and aesthetically acceptable any treatment. Patients may benefit from immature exercise programs increasing the extension of paragraphs if the distortion is slight.

But those with deformities Inhnaiip greater than 60 degrees require treatment in the event of pillars considered that the treatment helpful.

Be used surgical treatment for patients who have a serious deformity is painful after they have completed their development. These include the treatment of partnership between integration and liberalization front of the spine.

Congenital curvature of the back:

Arched back, or congenital deformity tuberous is the result of irregular form paragraphs that occur during the first trimester of pregnancy. The most common abnormality is a congenital failure in the formation of all or part of the body of the paragraph and the failure in the front part of the spine.

Can be identified severe deformities at birth and develops rapidly after that, and the distortions less visible, it may not become apparent until late childhood. The cams congenital evolving is a critical problem must be alert to it. Paraplegia may develop as a result of the lower spinal cord compression at the top of the deformity. Often surgical intervention is necessary and the result of the surgery better if made before the full development of deformity

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