a simple prescription to combat malignant cancer

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a simple prescription to combat malignant cancer

New Zealand researchers demonstrated the ability of vitamin "C" to curb the growth of cancer cells, during the detection search is a quantum leap in the world of medicine would be the first real evidence on the relationship between this vitamin and the spread of tumors.
And Margaret Weserz assistant professor at the University of Otago and a member of the team in free radicals research group, recently, "Our results provide promising intervention and simple to help in the fight against cancer at the level of prevention and treatment."

She explained that the role of vitamin C in the treatment of cancer, was the subject of controversy for years, with the emergence of evidence of the role of individual vitamin in the positive treatment of cancer. Research Weserz explained the importance of maintaining the health of the cell, the cell pointed to the ability of sound to reduce the incidence of diseases such as cancer, but a recent study focused on whether the levels of vitamin "C" were lower in patients who suffer from tumors of the uterus.

The study, published Tvasilhamgelp "online edition of CANCER Research Journal" in its latest issue, concluded that the tumors less ability to maintain tissue vitamin C compared to sound natural, and that this matter is linked to the ability of tumor survival and growth. "The tumors that contain lesser proportions of vitamin C, contain higher proportions

Of a protein called F-1 virus that allowed her to grow strongly in the conditions of pressure. "

She pointed out that "These findings are important as it demonstrates for the first time a direct relationship between the virus that F-1 and levels of vitamin C in tumors .. indicate that it would be useful for the people (who suffer) from (a) cancer cells that (contain blood) more vitamin C ".
She explained that "it may help to reduce the prevalence of the tumor and increase the response to chemotherapy might prevent solid tumors."

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